Tuesday, September 27, 2011

WEEK 18 of Remodel a house and don't Divorce or Die doing It.

19 Sept thru 25 Sept

Ok some might have read this blurb below about my car service appointment when I first posted Week 17 but it was on the wrong week.  I now have the days straight...oops

Got up and headed out to my service Appointment for my car. I took it to the Nissan Dealer in town. Compared to the Nissan in Hawaii, this one gets a big fat zero. I sat waiting for my car for about 1.5 hours. The guy comes back and gets me and says it's all done, the car is good and the oil is changed. They could not fix my tyre because their machine was broke but I could take it down the street to Discount Tires and they could fix it. He walks away and I am paying the cashier when I notice a written note on the slip saying something was wrong with the hood latch. I ask the cashier and she tells me to ask up front before I leave if they had fixed it. To my amazement they had NOT. What the hell is the point of taking your car in for a service and they don't ask if you want it fixed or fix it. So they think I have nothing better to do than set up another appointment and come back. After I asked about it they did go out and fix it. I drove down to Discount tire and the were wonderful. Said it would take about 1 hour to fix the tire. Called George and met him for lunch at Jason's Deli. They called me in an hour and I picked up my car and they never charged me a dime. That's where I will be going when I need new tires.
Came home and put more tiles up in the Mast Bathroom.

George came home and started work on the plumbing in the powder room

Bill showed up from Lawn master to replace the wood block to cedar and paint the flashing on the Pergola.

He is such a nice man..
Troy also stopped by about the driveway.  We have hired his crew to finish it up and they will start Wednesday.  This concrete is costing a lot more than it should have...

Perry came today to pick up all the trash,,yeah wish he could take that ugly ass fence with him..

We filled his trailer..Love Perry..Great Guy if you ever need Trash hauled away..he is the man.  Very reasonably priced.

Hopefully this is the last big load as the demo is all done.

George went to work and I got to doing more tiling..

I finished when George got back home because I had run out of thin set..

Having an early night tonight...

Today is the day that the framework for the last of the concrete work will get done.  I worked on the guest room shower tile while waiting for the concrete guys to show up.  Using different Thin Set since this will be a wet area.

I started getting worried when no one had showed up by two in the afternoon.  Phoned Troy and he assured me they would be there. I could not take it if we were going to be taken by another crew.
Not to worry they eventually showed up and got to work laying the framework

I feel so much better, now I will have to keep the school kids from walking through the iron bars.

George worked on more plumbing when he got home.

I was cracking up taking this picture.  George was checking out the concrete framework and posing for the pic and had no idea about the dog running behind him.  When I told him to look out, the dog was by this time right behind him.  When he turned round he let out a shriek...too funny

I knocked off early to get ready to go out to dinner.
George opened up the crate with the bathtub that has been sitting there for weeks..wonder when we will get it in the house.

Darlene came to pick me up to go out to Applebee's.
Having a little fun before we left....I think Darlene likes my tub...

Our neighbor came over and had a beer with George..They both looked tired

Had a great time at dinner.  We got a good laugh while texting to Connie and Leigh Anne who were in New York.  I found out that I had been sending them messages and they were not replying.  It would help if I was using their correct phone numbers...lol  Thanks Darlene.  It's good to get away from the construction site even if it's just for a few hours.

Woke up around 5.30 and as usual we were sitting outside with our coffee.  We heard a bunch of kids outside running along the road.  10 mins later we heard them again and I went to check the framework on the driveway and sure enough, these kids had came back and were trying to run through it.  Can we say stupid.  There was caution tape up and they still ran through it. 
Two things bothered me. 
The first was why the hell were there school kids out running around the streets off campus at 6am in the morning.in the dark when they have a huge stadium to train on.  Our street has one street light and the kids had no reflective belts on.
Secondly Why would you cut through BRIGHT YELLOW CAUTION TAPE.  It is there for a reason.
So there I was  screaming at the top of my lungs to get out of there before one of them got hurt...  I am constantly replacing the tape because the kids tear it down.

Later on in the morning we had the Inspection for the Concrete Driveway but it had a no go due to the transition to the road, Kenny also inspected the plumbing for the Powder room and Laundry but we got a no go there also since we need a S Bend pipe in the drain line for the laundry.
I was exhausted so I lay down and took a nap.  The concrete guy showed up late afternoon to fix the framework for the inspection again tomorrow.
George came home and fixed the plumbing and I headed to the store for some restocking of the cabinets.
Made dinner and called it a night

I was up and busy early to get the insulation on the floor and walls done for inspection.
It was a little race again time but I got it done.
Kenny came by and we have a go to pour the concrete.  Now the insulation got a go and then Kenny noticed one of the pipes had went from 2ins to 1.5 inch..oops  He will come back later but does not think that is allowed.  But we can put up the walls on the outside of the powder room facing the office. Called Troy to let him know they could pour.

They guys showed up around noon..Let the games begin..

It was a long afternoon and just as the guys were finishing up, you guessed it School got out.  I was on guard but we still had two kids walk through the wet concrete while we were standing there and one with a bike tried to go through. Really are you really that flipping STUPID..I wonder if your parents would like to pay the concrete bill. 
So I am asking everyone who has children.  Educate them on if they see Caution Tape - Stay the hell out, it is there for their safety.  If they see Concrete being Laid - STAY THE HELL OUT...

The guys had to go back and try and smooth out their footprints.
Now it was going to be a long night.  There was a Football game on tonight.  Just my luck.
George came home got a beer and went on guard while I cooked dinner.  Steve next door came over and they sat on the front step and chatted.
We ate dinner outside and it was unbelievable how many teenagers tried to walk through this..

I stayed up to 11pm to make sure there were no problem when the game got out.  Some kid came along the street walked up Steve's Driveway and tried to get over the saw horses and caution tape.  When I yelled at him, he looks confused.  You really had to go out of your way to walk through it.
I did not want to wake up on Saturday morning with kids hand prints, Janet Lv's John, dates, love hearts or anything else written in it.  I am beginning to wonder if I am the lunatic...This shit is not cheap..can we say $4,000 +
When it's all said and done sure wish we had met and hired Troy and his crew for ALL the concrete work.  Night and Day difference. I am sure it would have been done a whole lot quicker and turned out a whole lot better.  Need concrete work..Troy's crew does great work..
Saturday and I am off guard duty and the concrete survived the night..lol

Time to grout the tiles on one wall and the floor in the master bathroom, so we can get the toilet connected and bring the bathtub in from the backyard.

Mixing the grout.

This is it done before the first wash

Washing it down twice

Notice I am now wearing gloves to help with the shriveled up hands.

End result

George worked fixing the laundry plumbing and framing walls..

My insulation had to be taken out..Nothing like doing something twice.

What a beautiful smile..

That's the S Bend pipe..yahoo
 All the pipes had to be replaced except the sink drain..we shall overcome...

This is all the new pipe that George had to take out and do again..bummer but he learned a valuable lesson on plumbing..

Time to make some dinner, have a few glasses of wine and call it a night..

I got up and headed out to Lowe's to see if I could find a corner tile to fix the huge gap in the guest shower stall.

Here is the dilemma

The tiles are straight and level, evidently the wall is not..more work.

Anyway I did find a fix while in there and the only reason I went to Lowe's is because that is where the Guest bathroom tile came from.
I also looked at the wood flooring...decisions, decisions
I can't seem to make my mind up. Laminate versus engineered wood versus hard wood..too many choices.

Help.. I cannot make a choice.  If anyone has any advice please give it to me.

George had been busy while I was gone and worked the whole day in the Laundry, Powder room and my office.
He got the tar paper down and laid the last piece of sub floor in the office.

He got the tar paper and sub floor down o the laundry area

He then went to the store to pick up the tar for the end of the driveway and a few other supplies.

Focus George, Focus

Came back and filled the ditch in the road.  This is part of the mess that Clarence, the first concrete contractor we had made..

 George is all proud of his stomp that he made.. stomp that tar in place..great way to relieve stress..
 All done..we may have to go a few more bags but that will do it for now..

I have been stuck in that guest bathroom shower doing tile all afternoon.  It is beginning to wear on me I just want it done but it's not. 

I am standing on a wee plastic stool installing this..

This is the corner fix..brilliant if I say so myself..

Anyway I am calling it a night..since George has made my dinner...what a man..
He manged to get part of the drywall up before he called it quits..

Another week has come and gone.

What I have learned this Week

I really need to keep up with the Blog
If I didn't take pictures I would be lost..ok I am lost most of the time anyway !!
I have the ugliest Fence in the Neighborhood, probably the whole US
Thankful all the Demo is done
Always good to get out with friends.
Don't assume that if someone does not reply to your text that they are ignoring you. 
You may be a little on the slow side like me and have a wrong number ..... 
Thankful for Kenny the Inspector..his guidance, understanding and help is a Blessing
Not a big Fan of the kids that go to the school in my neighborhood or their parents. They don't know not to cut through CAUTION TAPE.. IDIOTS
Over the moon that the concrete work is done. The thorn in my side is now healing...lol
Happy Dance
Now if only the other thorn would go away..The Tiling..

Until Next Time

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Remodelaholic said...

This is SO incredible! When you say remodeling you mean BUSINESS! I would love to do this someday! And I Love your idea of the cabin you mentioned. My husband and I have a plan of doing something similar, we really want 5 or 6 acres, put an old cheap modular home on it while we build the dream home then revamp the modular and create a small vacation rental home for families with a bunch of activities on the huge property!

We will see what happens, but that is the dream!


Georgy said...

Wow, love the title of your blog and seeing all the photos of your progess, the tiles look good. We have finished the major part of our renovation recently but continue to do bits and pieces, there is still lots to do. Will enjoy reading your updates. G

The OutPost said...

@ Remodelaholic I wish we had bought the cabin first and then started the remodel it would have made life so much easier at the begining. I love your Blog. Great inspiration.

The OutPost said...

@ Georgy Thank you. I am at the point that I hate tiling since I have laid so many. We hope to be finished with the inside of our home in a few weeks..