Thursday, August 30, 2012

Guest Bathroom Overhaul

As promised I will try and get through at least one room a day.  Here is a small room that was a large challenge.  The guest Bathroom.  The only words to describe seeing it for the first time in years , was Gross!!!!

The day we arrived back in town after our home had been rented for many years.

I flushed this toilet before taking a pic...

Look at the Dirt on the tub and this was the cleanest tub in the house..mmm

The only thing to do with this room was Gut it..

So here is the Recap and again if you want to see where we started and what we have done in this last year you can go back and start at Week 1.

Tearing out the old units.

Tearing up the floor after taking out the sink, Toilet and Tub..

That hole just got bigger as the days went on..

New floor Joists and plumbing.

Sub floor installed

New insulation and window

Shower Floor pan

Final layer of shower pan

New sub floor, walls and electrical...check

Tile board on floor installed

Barrier and Tile board in shower getting installed

George setting up his new Tile Cutter..let the games begin. 
We have never tiled before !!!

George laid the floor tiles

Don't know how it happened but I was left to tile the rest of the bathroom..yikes

At this point I was asking myself why did I pic this pattern and not go with a simple design..

Grouting was harder than you think..not for the weak at heart...

As you know this shower floor was a challenge because mister George had screwed up the first attempt at laying these tiles.  I had to lay them in one by one..

Shower walls

Shower ceiling

George wanted a Sauna look..

Painting..The color is orange looking in the pics but it is a terracotta color

Staining the ceiling was hard work..

But in the end we did manage to finish after installing new toilet, sink, fixtures, moulding and door.  Hope you like it..

End Result



Thanks for stopping by and hopefully you get some inspiration..if not..oh well

What I have Learned

You have to redo your bathroom when your not too sure who's bum has been using it for years...

Tiling is not an easy task

You make mistakes but everything can't be perfect...

Until next time

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Jackie D

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Family Room Complete

I cannot believe that I have not blogged since May.  Shame on me.  Since we are getting ready to take on a new challenge, I figured before we start the adventure I should get everyone up to date on the House and where we are with this remodel.  This week I am hopeful that I can feature each complete room.   I will start with the family room.

Here it is the day we arrived back in town after many years of our home being rented.


A very old, worn and outdated room.


Where do you start. Well if you go back and read the blog from Week 1 you will see we started by tearing out the nasty carpet and went from there. Here is a recap..

 Carpet Gone

Over head beam facing and moulding taken down

Nails taken out and sub floor taken up

Insulation installed twice..first time George did it

One door opening enclosed and a new double door installed.

One of my favorite.  Old windows removed

New windows installed

Beams lifted..

Rafters and supports conected to beam



And New Floor

We also installed moulding, doors and light fixtures. 
It was long and hard with ups and downs but this was the end result...
I hope you enjoy

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you may get some inspiration or ideas from what we done for your own project..

What I have Learned

I love my Family Room

That there is light at the end of the tunnel after all
That my husband and I work well together
It took many hours of hard work
well worth it in the end

Until next time

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Jackie D