Thursday, November 4, 2010

Totally Inappropriate Christmas Card Giveaway

The Mrs. at Trying Our Best Blog is doing a Giveaway on Christmas Cards.  They are not your average Christmas Cards and if you Don't mind Curse words and can see the sense of Humor in them, then these cards are for you.  I can think of a few folks I know who would appreciate these cards and send them out to their friends. 
If you don't win the giveaway, You can also buy the cards at on Etsy.
According to the Etsy Website 
"Etsy is the online marketplace for buying and selling all things handmade.
 We connect buyers with independent creators and shop owners to find the very best in handmade, vintage and supplies."
You can find some awesome products and some of the Blogs that I follow also sell on Etsy.
The Mrs. has BlueBird Crafting where she sells Wonderful Handmade Quilted products
New Girl on Post also sells Beautiful Prints at
I don't know too much about Etsy but if you make handmade products and are looking for a place to sell or you love handmade products and want to buy, then check out Etsy... 

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Another Holiday Tradition

When my children were small I used to put the tree up 12 days before Christmas and keep it up until 12 days after Christmas.  I would wait until they went to bed and have it up by the time they woke up the next morning.  I would tell them that the fairies must have came in the night and put the tree up.  I know that was lying but it got the kids all excited and ready for the Holidays.  I could also tell them that the fairies were watching them so they had to be on their best behavior.
Over the years I have had to start decorating earlier and earlier (I now start early November) for two reasons.
The first reason is because I keep adding trees.  I have 9 trees but before anyone says anything, they are not all big trees.  There are small, medium and large and not all are decorated. 
I have a little house village and of course my wreaths that I hang in my windows outside.  The wreaths use to have the traditional red ribbons on them.  After the war started I changed them all since my husband, three children, daughter-in-law and my oldest grandson's father are all in the military and at least one of them has been deployed during the Holiday Season.  The wreaths don yellow ribbons to honor my family and all our troops serving and the wreaths will stay that way each year until the war is over.  
None of our kids will be visiting this year but I am thankful it is not because they are deployed but because they are starting their own Christmas traditions with their spouses and children.
Now my second reason is because I like to have my trees up before Thanksgiving because I am one of the crazy shoppers who loves to go out on Black Friday.  When most folks are pulling out the decorations after their big Thanksgiving dinner, I am lying relaxing on the couch stuffed.  I am too busy the day after Thanksgiving when the other half of folks are spending the day decorating since I have been up since 3 am and out shopping.  I like to be a bit like Macy's and flip a switch the night after Thanksgiving and the trees are lit and I can sit back and enjoy.  If you haven't figured it out, Christmas is my favorite time of the year..LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT....  

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What are you Thankful for this Holiday Season ?

My friend Kim inspired me to write this.  She had posted a web site on her Facebook showing random people in New York saying what they are grateful for.  She asked her friends to post something everyday, that they are grateful for, during the month of November..
So what are you grateful for? 
I am grateful for my wonderful parents, husband, children, family and friends who are walking with me along this journey, we call life. 
I am grateful to wake up everyday and be able to do all the things I love because there are men and women all over the world fighting for Freedom on our behalf. 
I am grateful to their families who support them and for all the sacrifices they make, including having to celebrate the Holidays without their loved ones.
That leads me to my next question.  What Thanksgiving traditions do you have?
I have to say I am not an American and didn't grow up celebrating this Holiday even though over the years many people have asked me "What do they do in Scotland for Thanksgiving ?" I have to say once and for all, we did not have American Indians in Scotland who came to our rescue and shared their food when our crops died.
With that said our family does have traditions.  As you know we are a Military Family, so on Thanksgiving Day we go to the DFAC (Dining Facility) to eat.  My husband along with many of the other senior (old) Folks, put on their Dress Blues, adorn a chef hat and serve our Soldiers and Families their Dinner (This is an old Army Tradition).  The cooks go all out and prepare all the traditional meats, trimmings and desserts that you can possibly think of and it is all delicious....
It is nice to get to talk and share a meal with soldiers who otherwise would be alone for the Thanksgiving Holiday.
When our kids lived at home, I still had to cook a turkey and stuffing because they wanted to eat leftovers.  Now it is just my husband and myself, I don't cook anything because we would be eating the Turkey until Christmas.
I am very Blessed in life and could go on and on about everything I am grateful for but what about the people who are not that fortunate. 
It saddens me to think of anyone being alone especially during the Holiday Season. 
If you have older neighbours who don't have any family, invite them over for dinner or maybe just pop in to see them with a dessert. 
Maybe you are single and don't want to be alone, think about volunteering at a local Homeless Shelter and help serve Thanksgiving dinner.  You could also visit some patients at a local hospital or help out at a retirement home. 
Don't be alone this Thanksgiving, you could share some of your time and become a Blessing to others.
Aloha till next time...

Rules at the Grocery Store Self Check Out

Went to get my hair cut today and figured that since the commissary (grocery store) was next door and my husband was still feeling under the weather, I would go pick up what I needed to make him soup.  My major mistake was not realizing it was pay day before I had pretty much picked everything up that I needed and put them in my cart.   The check out line was all  the way round the store. NOoooo!!!
    I decided to count my items and head to the self check out. 
Now there is an EXPRESS lane which is 15 items or less and then there are two lanes for 20 items or less,  two lanes for 40 items or less and one lane for no limit.  It is well posted in Big Bold Writing on Blue Signs.  You can't miss it.  
      When I get up to the check out with my 21 items and as a rule follower, I stand in the 40 items or less lane.  All the self check outs have about five people waiting and to make matters worse, one of the 40 or less registers is out of order, go figure. 
     The lady who was ringing up her items on the 20 or less lane must have had at least 40 items and the lady who was on the 40 or less must have had a whole months worth of groceries for a huge family, easy and they were in no hurry.
For all the RULE BREAKERS out there:  The signs don't say 15 items +3,  20 or less but if you have 30, that's OK and 40 or less really means bring it on, who cares how many items you have.
     Do people just not care?  It is one of my pet peeves that people can't even follow the rules when grocery shopping.   What were the two employees who check your I.D's at these registers thinking by letting these two women use the checkouts, when they clearly exceeded the amount of items.... 
I think there needs to be a kill switch on these registers.  When you reach the listed number of items, the register will not scan anymore and total your Bill.  You pay your bill and if you still have stuff in your cart, you can join the back of the line again and wait your turn or you can put the items in your cart back and leave the store. 
The self checkouts were put in place for a reason.  They are there for folks who have the limited amount of groceries and limited time.  They are there to get in and out of the store quickly. All I can say is shame on you all. 
      If you don't know how to use the self check out, please don't decide to try and learn on Pay Day.  The older lady who was next in the 40 or less line seemed to have that problem.  It was painful to watch (she did not want anyone to help her) and by the time the gentleman in front of me had went and it was my turn, the older Asian lady behind me decided she had waited long enough and wanted to speed up the process by helping me unload my groceries.  It was cute but she was practically throwing my stuff at me to scan and asked me a question about everything I was buying..How do you cook your sweet potato ? What are you going to make with the butternut squash?  What is that ? One item after another...It lightened my mood and made me laugh.
So the next time you go to the store and decide to use the self checkout, give your fellow shoppers a break, count your items and stand in the appropriate line....