Time to leave Hawaii
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Laura McDonell Photography
I am a Military Spouse, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Volunteer, Friend and Business Owner.  I am living and loving life.  The OutPost was established while living in Hawaii in 2009.  It is a small Home Based Business selling Gifts and Collectibles.
Since I am married to a soldier, you live a life of a Nomad.
Always moving and home is where "THE ARMY SENDS YOU"
My husband will be retiring in 2012 after 35yrs of service in the Army and we were fortunate enough to PCS back to FT. Hood, TX for his last year.
We own a home here and were looking forward to having our contractor do our renovations and then we would move back in.
Unfortunately you always seem to be thrown a curve ball in life and without going into a long story, my husband and I are now doing the remodel of our home ourselves.

Needless to say THE OUTPOST, my business is on hold for now...