Monday, October 25, 2010

Hui O Wahine Spouses Club Annual Basket Auction

The Hui O Wahine is a Military Spouses Club, located on
Ft. Shafter on the Island of Oahu.
The Hui O Wahine will be hosting their
Annual MAKE IT, BAKE IT, FAKE IT Basket Auction
Wednesday 10th November
Doors open @ 10.30
The Hale Ikena on Ft. Shafter
Proceeds from Baskets from Outside Donors (Non Club Members) 
go towards Scholarships and Welfare.
Here is a little about the Club as posted on their website:

"Since the 1930s, the Hui O’ Wahine has extended pilialoha (friendship) through its membership of spouses, Soldiers, and civilian employees. We are an all-ranks club...nobody is too new, too young, or outranked here!  Now we open our club to men and women of all branches of the military.

As a community-centered club, we work together to raise funds that benefit our Soldiers and families through college scholarships and through grants to organizations that serve our local area.

As a people-centered club, we work together to increase the Spirit of Aloha and a sense of sisterhood amongst our membership and throughout our neighborhoods....."

Elizabeth, the First VP wrote this in the Hui Spirit Newsletter  for November:
"The Basket Auction is your chance to participate and help raise those funds whether by donating items to be auctioned and/or enjoying the festivities on auction day.  Get creative and donate a decorated table top tree or wreath for the auction.  Bake a cake, a loaf of bread or a dozen cookies for the auction. Combine all the necessities for mailing ‘care packages’ down range into a basket for the auction.  Arrange gardening gadgets and flower seeds in a terra cotta pot. Wrap up a mug, coffee beans and a Starbucks card. The ideas are limitless for items you can donate to the fundraiser.
Therefore, the items to bid upon will run the gamut as well.
Great cause, good deals, fun times!...." To read more of this article check out

The Members of this Organization work extremely hard every year to give back to the Military and the surrounding Local Community. 
If you would like to donate to their Auction please use the link above to contact the Board Chair for this event.

With your Help this will be an Outstanding Event

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Christmas is Fast Approaching

Did you know that it is only 64 Days until Christmas.  Scary thought.  Well If you are lucky enough to live on a Military Base or close by one, try checking out your local Spouses Club to see if they have Vendors who attend their functions.  You may be surprised to find that most of the vendors are Spouses of Active Duty or Spouses of Retired Military.  You can find the most unusual, unique, inexpensive, quality products to buy for your Christmas presents.  I am fortunate enough to be a vendor for two wonderful Spouse organizations here in Hawaii. 
The Hui O Wahine  and
The Hui O Na Wahine  These two organizations have a plethora of fabulous vendors.  
Yesterday at the Spouses Group October Luncheon, you could have purchased all your presents without leaving the Nehelani Patio  There were vendors selling Children's Educational Toys, Food and Beverage products, Jewelry, Handbags, Quilts, Ornaments and of course The OutPost.  My catalog is available at
     I have added a page on my catalog, listing other Military Spouses or Ladies who own there own business. Here are a few.  You can get their complete info on Pg 26 of The OutPost Catalog:

Once in a Blue Moon, Ceramic Jewelry by Julie Essex Perry  Check out photo's of Julie's  Products at
Julie has beautiful Handmade Ceramic Jewelry, Ornaments and Fan Pulls in every design imaginable.  There are Palm Trees, Geckos, Pumpkins, Crosses, Flowers, Teacups, Animals and numerous other designs and colors.  There are also a variety of Seasonal and Patriotic pieces.  Any family member or friend that you buy a gift for, will adore and receive many compliments every time they wear it.  I sent pieces to my friends for their Birthdays and Christmas last year.  They are still raving about them.

Sonja Hagemann Designs  Sonja paints her own fabric and them makes quality products from it.  She has Quilts, Angels, Pillows, Folk Art, and many other products. You can see the love and passion in every piece she has designed. I have a handmade Patriotic Angel from Sonja, that I display proudly in my Kitchen. It is so cute..

Designs By Cindy Johnson  Cindy has Wreaths, Signs, Santa's. Ornaments, Tie Ons, Boxes that are all hand painted.  Can we say WOW...what talent.  I have the cutest handpainted Gecko and Cindy is painting me the cutest wee house that represents my home I am living in right now.  Her products make Wonderful Gifts.

Now what Lady does not love Baskets.  Longaberger  !!! Sherry Howard is and Independant Consultant, here in Hawaii  I love the Baskets I have, especially my little Patriotic Star Basket.. They also have an American Valor Line of Baskets.You should check out the website and maybe Host a Show. 

Candles have always been a Favorite Thing of mine.  Now you can get your house smelling with beautiful scents without lighting a flame of a candle.  Jodi Coyle is an Independent Consultant for Scentsy  They have every scent imaginable.  I have the Liberty Warmer that reflects little stars on your wall when lighted. It is also in my kitchen. Love it, Love It, Love it. 

Now since we are on a Christmas Theme, what are you doing for Appitizers for your Holiday Receptions and Cocktail Parties.  Check out The Tastefully Simple Website  Cam Cunnigham is the perfect consultant to host your Tastefully Simple Show.  You can purchase all the great products you need for your Christmas socials and gifts.  They have an abudance of tasty treats, that are quick to make and there are free recipes on their website..What a deal.  Love the Blue Aztec Chips with any of their Dip Mixes.  They have Drinks, Breads, Dips and Cake Mixes, Sauces, Herbs, just way too many to list.  Make your life easy this Holiday Season, Check out Tastefully Simple.

Now what do you need before and after your Holiday Parties.  A Cleaning Team.  Have your house cleaned before that special occasion or maybe after.  Maybe you need that extra help once every few weeks.  
N & L Cleaning Services, LLC might be the folks you are looking for...  

Hope this helps jump start your Holiday Shopping by giving you a few great gift Ideas.  Happy Shopping Folks..
If you have a business and are a Military Spouse and would like to be added to the catalog, drop me a line, it's FREE

Friday, October 8, 2010

The OutPost Catalog for October

Well I have been busy trying to catch up on work, life, family and friends after being gone Ft. Leavenworth for a few weeks.  Still not quite there yet but at least I got the catalog up to date and published today.  You can follow the link below to view

I had a thought, I would like to add an Index to my catalog.  I would like to add a listing of Military Spouses Businesses.  Maybe you sell Avon, Pampered Chef, Tupperware, Jewelry, the list goes on but you get the idea.  I am all about sharing and helping each other out, so if you have a business or a friend who has one and would like to get added next month, just send me an email at theoutposthawaii@gmail .com  with your details
It is FREE.

Aloha until next time