Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Building of a New Shed

It's been months since I blogged but we are still working hard getting the house finished.  We have celebrated Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentines, Birthdays and our Daughter coming home from Germany from the last update of our furniture getting delivered way back at the end of October. 
Hopefully this post will get me back into the swing of things and I can backtrack and let you see what has happened with our home over the last six  months.

Anyway since starting the remodel and having our household goods delivered  it was apparent that we have way too much stuff  (crap) as my husband likes to call it.  
We decided the old 1960's tin shed would not cut it anymore and it was time for an upgrade. 
 Well after going back and forth with the city we finally got approval to build a new one.
We headed down to Leland's to see Dave Carlisle

George picked out the style and I picked out the colors.  Since it will sit along side George's Man cave I wanted them to match.  George was going to get a 12 x 14  but as my friend Sabina always says " Go Big or Go Home"
so I convinced him to get the 12 x 20 with the city's approval of course.

Next order of business was to put up an awning on the back patio and empty our existing shed.

As you can see there is stuff everywhere on our back patio.  Anyone looking out there probably thinks we are the

It was time to say goodbye to the old faithful.  George started getting the metal covering off.  Not an easy task by any means.

After getting as much as he could it was time to attach what was left of the building to his truck and pull it away from the fence line.

It took a few tries but he got it done and could now reach the other sides.

 It took most of the weekend but he got it done. 
 Our neighbor Jess helped him out the last day.

With the old shed gone George had to trim back the trees as the new shed going in was much larger.
Now I just want you to know that as per usual there are no pics of me working but I did spend a day clearing the site and hauling dirt to level out the area.

The Truck shows up bright and early Thursday morning with all the supplies.

 We were unable to have the shed pre built like the man cave and then delivered in one piece because we have put up a fence and the finished building would not fit through the gates. 
Still I thought it would come like a prefab.  The foundation/flooring, the 4 sides and the roof all in sections and then the contractor would put it together in jig time. 
Oops, NO  It was being built from scratch.
Let the building begin

George watching as they start to unload the truck.

They got the foundation and floor done and in place.

and had just completed a wall by the time I left to have lunch with my friend Darlene.

This is where they were by the time I got back late in the afternoon. 
Now the right side of the wall siding was not in line with the top area of the shed siding and  I noticed it as soon as I walked into the yard.  George was on the phone when I went to talk to him about it so I just decided to go and ask the contractors myself.
I pointed out the problem and asked if the were going to fix it.  They told me they already new and were going to change it.  A sigh of relief on my part because that would have drove me insane if I had not noticed it until they had left and the shed was completely built.

 After my hubby got off the phone he was back outside and came in a few minutes later and told me he had apologised to the guys because he didn't get a chance to tell me that they were planning on fixing the siding.  He knows me too well and knew exactly what I was saying when he seen me talking to them while he was on the phone. 
Oh well, they all got a laugh out of it.

The new front on and the roof trusses in place.  Let the painting begin.

The paint color is just slightly darker than the primed siding that they put on.

 Doors on..
This is actually a pic as they were finishing up at around 11Pm after getting the roof on.  George set up flood lights so they could see what they were doing.

This is our new shed looking all nice and pretty at the break of dawn

 George eager to start filling her up

 Checking out his doors..

George as Happy as a clam putting all his stuff away.  He just has to remember to leave half of the top deck for my Christmas Decorations and Trees..


I am way behind on this blog
I love Leland Buildings
Most of all, that I can't wait to get the rest of the crap off my Patio....

Until next time
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Jackie D