Saturday, September 24, 2011

WEEK 15 of Remodel a House and Don't Divorce or Die Doing It..

29 Aug thru 4 Sept 2011

Started the week off  by putting in some more tiles in the hall.  Only a few cut tiles to lay but will wait until we decide what to do to join the flooring at the doorways.

I also filled the seams in the guest bathroom shower. It's just about ready for tile..

I then decided I would do some of those projects that were put off but now had to be done so we could start priming the walls in the kitchen. 
There were still a few pieces of old wood panelling on the walls.  A piece behind the fridge and at the side of the cabinet.  Well I got every tool out that George has and got to work.  No chance.  Nothing was working and I had to be careful because I had to cut around the Kitchen cabinets without damaging them.  I was getting frustrated.  The more I thought about it the angrier I got.  We had this part of the kitchen installed by a contractor when we lived in Hawaii.  He decided to take shortcuts as we have been finding out as we remodel.  Instead of removing the old wood panelling, he just installed the cabinets on top of it and I guess since the fridge would cover the other part of the wall , he just left it.  What an ass..It is now my problem..  Anyway enough of my rant.  I wasted the whole afternoon without any results so when George got home he had it off in no time.  I told him I had made it easy for him with all my prep work...

After he finished with that he finished off the second coat of drywall mud in the hall..

Oh today's the day that I do another one of my favorite chores.  I went to the Laundromat and grocery shopping.
Then Mike from Lawn master came over while Bill was here fixing the mess of the flashing on the Pergola.  He didn't remove one of the blocks of wood in the fear it would damage the roof but I will have to talk with Mike about it.  Still not 100% SATISFIED.  It's still not looking like what I paid for.

After they left we had to head out to a social with Military Spouses.  George was the Guest speaker and some of the Soldiers from the Academy adorned uniforms of Days gone by.

They all looked AWESOME...Great Job...

George done a great speech as always.  His speech in part was thanking Military Spouses on behalf of their soldiers and community for all they give and do.  He was quite the little SUPERSTAR afterwards since quite a few of the ladies went to talk to him and ask if he could email them a copy of the speech.

Today I am back on popcorn Duty..this is the only wee part left in the kitchen...darn..
Wrapped my lights in H.E.B grocery bags.  Reduce and

Also had the Gutters on the back of the house installed by Chris who had installed the front gutters over a month ago..

He made a 80ft gutter and installed it in one piece...WOW..

He done a great job...

It's Thursday again and there was a graduation at the NCO Academy but I don't have any pics because my husband forgot to tell me they had changed the location and I did not arrive until the end of the ceremony...BAD

I came home and then headed out to have lunch with old friends.  One from Hawaii and one from Korea...

I look like my neck is missing in this pic.

It is always a great day when you get to spend time with old friends..Come back to Hood soon Theresa...

It's a four day weekend and George is off today.  You guessed it ..time for another large hole..we have not had one for a while.
This was the ceiling joint in between the rooms we combined to make the Master bedroom and bathroom.

George done a good job on keeping the insulation in the ceiling this time..

New straps in so we can put in the drywall..

Now during the process of putting this piece of drywall up my husband let it go and it fell on my head..ouch to say the least.  I had a pair of sunglasses on my head that I have had for years and they got broken.  I will admit it, I was crying like a little baby but just for a few 
"Chicken Licken I think the sky is falling down"  Anyone remember that story? Only difference is she just had an acorn bounce off her head not a big bloody sheet of drywall....
I was reluctant to help with the next piece but I did and the hole was covered.
 George got to mudding with the compound mixture..

At least he opened up the hole and managed to close it all in one day...

Up and at them today.  George is mudding the drywall in the master bedroom again.
 and I am getting the Kitchen and Den rooms ready for primer.

George finished mudding and went to town with the primer.  I was not in the house during the process, one because of the smell and another because of the over spray haze.

It's Sunday and we get to try out Plaster on the walls and ceilings.  We want to put the Knockdown effect since this is an old house.  It should help hide quite a few imperfections.

I had this brainstorm that we should cover the compressor hose in plastic so it does not get all yucky from the paint and the plaster..
 That was a pain but will be worth it in the end.  Time to mix the plaster..

Then it was my turn...

This is the end result of what it looks like in most places..
We got the Kitchen and the Den finished and used up all the plaster we had.  Time to call it a night.  The plaster is not perfect but that's ok we can live with it..

The End of another week.

What I have Learned...

There are lots of deceitful contractors out there, be very wary when hiring one.
Watch them like a Hawk.
Your spouse will sometimes swear up and down he told you something..HE DIDN'T.
Drywall hurts like hell if it falls on your head.  I know I still have an egg on my head.
That Plaster machine gives your upper arms a work out when doing ceilings.
You can still teach an old dog new tricks...sometimes..

Until next time

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