Monday, August 29, 2011

Week 14 of Remodel a House and Don't Divorce or Die doing It..

22 Aug Thru 28th Aug 11

I woke up today and I can hardly move my hands.  They are so sore..My Body is telling me to slow down.  Guess what ?  I am taking the day off and I am not doing a darn thing except take some Advil..
My Bathtub is still outback under the Pergola..

George came home and started muding the drywall,  I felt bad, but not bad enough to help...

He lay down for a little while and then started again...Don't know what got into him..

Remember the framing of the wall on Sunday last week..

He filled it in..Yahoo another job done.

I got a letter in the mail from the Mortgage Company saying our insurance had lapsed.  I called and she said we cancelled our insurance in June and did not get another provider.  She is saying this as I am looking at the paperwork I have from the Insurance Broker I went to in June.  I informed them I had insurance and would go see the agent to find out why they don't have copies. 
Oh and they are going to charge us $375.for a lapse in insurance.  I don't think so. 
I have to stop what I am doing and head out.  When I get there, the lady at the Insurance company tells me that we have insurance, then she goes into her computer to check.  I knew with her reaction something was wrong.  What's up "well oh, I guess the day you were in, the paperwork did not upload to the Insurance company but don't worry I will fix it."  I guess you will or you will be out $375 for NOT DOING YOUR JOB..
Went home and got back to work on my new found hate...TILING...

Although I do love my Texas Star Mosaic at the Front door.  Now I can't wait to get the Front door installed...
George got to muding again when he got home.

I guess my hands are not any better.  They are aching again today and I can't even close them to make a fist. So I will work on the blog.  At least I can type.
The guys from Lawn Master came back to put the roof blocks in to secure the Pergola. 
What the Hell..  My stomach was churning when they left..what had they done to my lovely Pergola.  I get on the phone to Mike and he asked me to take some pics and send them to him and the Headquarters.

My Joists look like they are wrapped in Tinfoil..

This is not Good..
I got an email from the Headquarters immediately apologizing for the lack of workmanship of the contractor and Mike from Lawn Master is fantastic and told me not to worry.  THEY will be Back to FIX this disaster.  Can anything else go Wrong??????
George came home and he did not like what he seen either..
The end of a Crappy Day..

This week has not been good at all and today I woke up kinda hum drum..I don't know why but I was missing my buddies.  I decided since I could not see them in person, photo's are the next best thing so I watched this slide show I made to say Thank you to them all. 
I truly wish that everyone feels this type of love and friendship... It made me cry..but not in a sad way...Thankful and Blessed..  The slide show is about 7mins long..

Anyway time to pull myself together as I am going out to lunch today with a friend..
We went to a Tea Room to have lunch for Pat's Birthday..  A tea party will always cure what ale's you.. Sandwiches, Scones and Tea...

Happy Birthday again Pat..Thank you for lunch and the Tea Pot..

I guess I better do something productive this week so I cleaned the Patio and moved the plants under the Pergola since they are dying with the extreme heat around here.
I laid the last of the tiles around the edge of the kitchen extension and den.

George was mudding the walls again..

Now I went into the Family Room and realized that a bird had flew into our large picture window..

And broke it's neck and died..

I think this week is jinxed.

A little shopping trip today but not what you think..Lowe's here we come...Had to get drywall, Compound mix, plaster and got a deal on Mirrors
I came home and tiled as much of the hall as I could without blocking myself in the bedroom. The last  mosaic  is down.

I managed to finish another week of the blog and get it posted.  Around lunch time my friend Millie and her hubby came by for a visit.  It is always so nice to see friends.  After they left I headed over to HEB and picked up a few things including a Rotisserie chicken for dinner.  Yummy
George was putting up drywall, mudding and sanding...I am sure he is starting to hate this job..

George lay down to take a nap and was sleeping by but he didn't get to sleep long before I accidentally woke him up..he is up and like the energizer bunny again.. I am just sitting back and watching him..

I was working on the computer and was listening to music and George wanted to listen to the TV while he was working..His Handy Dandy Headphones are put to good use again..

Another rough night..Can you believe I fell off the blow up mattress in the middle of the
I was up early and had a few cups of coffee before George woke up.  It was time to get started and George is desperate to start up that Paint Gun...Lordy, Lordy...

I taped and put paper covering on the windows in the kitchen extension room. 

George touched up some areas of the plaster and filled in any small holes.   He then sanded when it dried.  I vacuumed and laid plastic on the floor..

We then prepped the den.  Same as other room.

 I also spent a few hours trying to piece together the mosaics that George screwed up in the guest bathroom shower floor.  I think I have it figured out but will wait and get them laid at a later time..

We had lunch and then there was no stopping him.  Even when I told him to quit so I could put up another sheet of plastic as a wall barrier.  He is in heaven...I wonder how many rooms it will take until the novelty wears off and I end up having to take over.....mmmm  For now he is like a kid in a candy store.  I just read George this part of the blog and he says I am being harsh.  "What do you mean when the novelty wears off" Kinda sorta like your Tile cutter I chuckled...

Doing the Prep for the Machine..

Having a ball putting the primer on the wall..
Room painted with primer and ready for plaster.

He cleaned up the paint sprayer and time for a nap.  I love a nap.

Now that I have woke up I guess I can take care of some things.  Remember all the plastic we had up for doors.  Well there are a million staples in the walls at every door frame in the hall.  Guess who has the lovely task of removing them...That would be me..yuck, but it has to be done.
George is removing the last piece of popcorn on the hallway ceiling..who knew he could
Maybe he will feel sorry for me and remove the last patch in the Family Room and Kitchen..He is a Keeper..

The End of another Week

What I have learned

Who knew your hands could hurt so much from Tiling and Scraping..
Taking a few days off never hurt anything...only my timeline for completion..
I have pretty much sat on my toosh this week..
Friends are such a Blessing in life.
Tomorrow's another Day...
That you can fall out of Bed but also a Blow up Mattress..

We are under a drought here in Texas and other States have had an Earthquake and Hurricane in one week and are under water.
Our Prayers are with everyone on the East coast..
Until next time

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Mike duncan said...

Look forward to reading your blog and journeys.Wish I could fast forward you guys to the finish line but look at what "We" are learning in the process.
love you guys keep up the great work..looks great.

The OutPost said...

Mike, I would love to fast forward to the finish line but your right, it is a journey and when all is said and done, George and I are doing it together. It is fun..most days..miss you guys..

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

What a exciting time but so hard (been there)
Thanks for your visit!
Take care