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WEEK 12 of Remodel a House and Don't Divorce or Die doing it..

8 Aug 11 thru14 Aug 11

Since Academy Graduation was last week and there will be no more students till next month George has taken a week of leave to play catch up with the house.  We have hired Paul for this week to help George with the work that I am unable to do because I do not have that kind of strength. OK because I am a girl...
Since the Beam we recessed in between the den and kitchen was such a success I decided I wanted all the ceilings flush..This has set our timeline back but that is ok.   If you are going to do a remodel, get it the way you want it first time around.

The guys started with the kitchen extension room.

They started by making the false walls to put up to support the ceiling.

Although there was a beam there that they could recess I wanted the Engineered Beams in place. George made a carrier for his truck so they could go pick them up. Two of them are over 20ft long..

It didn't take them long to go pick them up.  I was working on cutting all the tile that was left to be done in the master bathroom.
All the white spaces need a cut tile...bah...

The guys start cutting the ceiling...
 They take down the original beam.

 And the beam goes in..

Straps on and time to close up until tomorrow...

The guys start bright and early again today..
They have to finish nailing down the straps on the beam from yesterday...It is hot up in that ceiling..
and close back up with plastic

The Mother of all Beams is now on...
They took off the drywall first..

Built and put up supporting walls and then it was time to cut that sucker out piece by piece...

Cut out the middle section of the joists.

The guys were tired and time for them to call it a day.  It is so bloody hot with the ceiling opened up.
I worked on taking popcorn off the ceiling in the other room..

I don't know how much more scraping I can stand...
I also cleaned any nails left in the walls from the demo and took out the telephone line boxes from our last renter..

Today is a new day and time to raise some beams..

They look so happy that the last beam is in place...

 Two beams in and straps on.  These two make it look so easy but I know how heavy those beams are..time to call it a day.  I managed to get the tiles done on the master bathroom floor..

George had to take Paul home and I needed to take a nap because I am having dinner with friends who are in town from Hawaii..

My friends stopped by to see the house before dinner.  It is so nice to see  Maria and her hubby and Darlene and her daughter.

We go to dinner at Applebee' guessed it..
It is time for a Bahama Mama..times 2
Me and Darlene with our drink...yummy

Darlene, Maria and me

Maria and her husband are so cute.  It was so nice to finally meet him..
A great night getting to spend time with friends...

Thursday  it was time for me to do laundry, so I headed out and the guys started the framing for the concrete driveway.

The guys finished up outside and George took Paul home. 

George wanted to pour the liquid level on the floor so we can put the concrete board down tomorrow morning..

George having a beer since he is done for the day..well it is nearly midnight..

 I put the caution tape up just in case George got up in the middle of the night and stepped on the wet floor..

Next day George and I got to work laying the concrete boards.

Paul and Ozzy showed up around 12 for the concrete to be poured...

Now it has never rained here for months and wouldn't you know it 2hours after this was poured it started raining...luckily it was already set...

George worked on some electrical tonight since he found a fire waiting to happen when he opened up the ceiling in the family room. He also replaced the mesh over the vents so the squirrels can't get in..
 Saturday I work on setting out the wall tile for the master bedroom walls

 and scraping popcorn...yuck

George is back on electrical, installing the smoke detectors in the bedrooms.

He then installs the vent in the roof for the bathroom exhaust fans

Then we work on moving air conditioner vents..

I started moving the tile out of the bedroom and positioned it in the den/kitchen to lay in the next few days..
George installed the rest of the air ducts in the family room and office...

Sunday we decided to get up early and head out to our Favorite places Home Depot and Lowes...
George bought more TOYS...

I was going to sub contract the plaster and the painting out...I guess NOT...what a treat for me, getting to plaster...

I did pick up some tiles I like better as a border in the shower for less than $2..
We pretty much relaxed the rest of the day and that brings a close to another week

What I have learned this week

I can't

Until next time..

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