Wednesday, August 24, 2011

WEEK 11 of Remodel a House and Don't Divorce or Die doing it..

1st Aug thru 7th Aug 11

My motivation is at a all time low.  We were suppose to be done today. This could be a slow long week. 
Kenny the Inspector showed up to view the Pergola.  Unfortunately it did not pass the inspection as there is a question on how it is attached to the roof line.  Called and left a message for Mike from Lawn Masters. The electrician from Dean's Electric also came to do an estimate to hook up the Man Cave to the main house.  She loved the cabin.

George and I started the tiling of the guest Bathroom Floor when he got home from work.  Now when I say George and I, what I really mean is George tiled the floor.  I was just his gopher for whatever he needed....

The first cut on his tile cutter...whoop..

Floor complete..

Mike came by after talking to George today and sure enough the blocks are missing on the roof for the Pergola.

Mike taking pics to send to the headquarters..

This is why you should always have the City Inspectors involved while doing a remodel. It was an oversight on the installers part and we would have never known if Kenny was not inspecting every aspect of the job.
Marco from Home Depot came by to do the measurements for the Gutters on the back side of the house.  He stayed for a while chatting.  Pretty much nothing done today...

Wednesday we started tiling the Guest Bathroom walls when George got home.  This is hard. Trying to get the tile to stay up and not slide down the wall.  I went online and done some research and we found it was easier to put a board up.

Thursday was Graduation Day at the Academy, so nothing done in the house.

Marco stopped by in the evening and I headed out to the store.

First thing Friday morning  I headed out and done Laundry.
George was now on leave so he poured the liquid level on the Master Bathroom floor.

I started back on the Bathroom walls when I got home.
Now I was using the thin set to finish the fist wall that George and I had started the other night.  It was a pain.  Then Jackie the Field Inspector from Home Depot stopped by to double check the measurements for the gutters.  George brought him in to see my tiling work.  Jackie has always got great advice.  He told us there was a product you could buy that was ready made and holds the tiles on the walls so much better.  I asked him where the hell he had been the last few days while I had been messing with the stuff we were using.  This wall took two
Now George went down to Home Depot after Jackie left because he had supplies to pick up and of course I wanted what Jackie had recommended.

Can we just say..Hallelujah for Jackie from Home Depot..

Here is me like a tiling fool with my new mixture..
My husband always takes bad pics of me.  This was the best of the bunch from this butt..

I am working up a sweat...

What a productive Day, time to quit and call it a night...

It's the weekend..I got back on the Guest Bathroom.and finished all the cuts and trim.  Only thing left to do is the shower stall.

George spent the day putting down the concrete backer board in the Master Bathroom..

In the afternoon Ryan came by to take out the tree stump so we could lay the driveway..
Remember this little stump in the front yard...

This is what Ryan pulled out from underneath...

He also Spread out the crushers finds that we had delivered the day before..

Then he dug out the main trench for the plumbing for the Man Cave...

Before he left he flattened the mound of dirt in the front yard..

Ryan was worth every dime.  So if you ever need any Lot clearing and Beautification, Tree Trimming,Landscape Design/Installation, Hole Drilling/Concrete Placement, Hydro mulch..
Ryan form SOUTHERN HERITAGE DESIGN is your man. 
You can contact Ryan Oliphant at 1-254-931-5622.

Here is me cleaning up..another set of wonderful pics my hubby took.  Needless to say I don't see photography in his future...

Sunday morning and George is doing some hard labor.  Just glad it is not me but I am sure if George thought he could have got away with it, I would have been the one swinging the pick axe...

He spent most of the day laying the pipes to the Man Cave. Water and Drainage..

 I was giddy with excitement all day.  All I could think of was taking a Hot Bath...but I have to get to work. First I prepared the Master Bathroom for the tiles.

When George finished up with the plumbing we started laying the full tiles in the Bathroom.

 I will finish the bathroom tomorrow, it is getting late and I need a bath..

Before I could get my bath Marco stopped by with his friend from Stardek to give us an estimate to cover the messed up Pool cap and Patio.  Needless to say I am not ready to spend another $3000 on top of what we have already spent , so I will have to think about it.
Well here comes more bad news.  I worked my butt off all day with the thought of having a long hot bath as my prize.  When I tell George I am going to have a bath, he asked me if I am taking a cold bath.  EXCUSE ME what are you taking about..He proceeds to remind me that it is only the cold water that is hooked up since the Man Cave has it's own water heater.  The Penny still did not drop.  Duh.... we may have cold water but we don't have electricity yet...I stink worse than a skunk and this is now just cruelty..I was Bummed
My Night in Shining Armor saved the day.  He hooked up a hose to the old laundry hot water pipe in the house and ran it out to the Man Cave..Presto I got my bath after all..

What a way to end the week.  My hero came through for me again.  Maybe the book I am reading had something to do with it...
Another week has come and gone

What I have learned..

Inspectors are so Important
Tiling is hard work, the prep work is just as bad.
You need electricity to make hot
How I have missed a Hot Bubble Bath...
Write this Blog as it happens and don't try and play catch up 3 weeks later...

Until next time..

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Paula said...

Love the tile work! You guys are going to have one heck of a house when you get done. I so understand about the hot bath. I couldn't wait to use my tub here after having the last five years with no bathtub in my master bath.

*Jeana* said...

You guys are doing a fabulous job!! love the tile work..and glad its you and not me lol
it will be worth all the hard work..stress and stinkness =0) when its finished..

Tracey said...

You've got me rethinkng this whole "build a house for retirement" thing! :)

You guys are doing a great job. It looks beautiful!

The OutPost said...

I love the tiles too but it is becoming painstaking. I love a bath..miss you

The OutPost said...

Thanks. You are quite handy yourself. I love the bench you made and so glad you are blogging. give everyone our love..

The OutPost said...

If you can find an old house in a great neighbourhood, then go for it. There were more reasons to fix our home up than build a new one.
miss you all in Hawaii