Saturday, August 27, 2011

WEEK 13 of Remodel a House and Don't Divorce or Die doing it

15 Aug thru 21 Aug 11

George is back at work and I am back at tiling.  Starting the walls in the Master Bathroom.

This was George's super dooper power tool.  I seem to be using it a lot more than him....

I now wonder why I chose this design.  Maybe I should simplify and not cause myself so much trouble.  Well I manage to get one wall tiled in between talking on the phone to my daughter and my friend.  Not a bad days work...I guess..

I have decided since we will soon be able to use the bathroom in the cabin and getting my furniture does not rely on me finishing the bathrooms in the house I need to focus on finishing the actual living spaces where our furniture will go.  I started the floor tiling in the kitchen extension.

 I love my mosaic in the center..

My bathtub also was delivered today ..Yay.. Pity I won't be using it anytime
This is the one I decided on..

George came home and we wheeled it round back under the Pergola.  How we get it in the house is a whole different kettle of fish since it weighs close to 400 lbs...mmmm

Today's the day that we get electricity hooked up in the Man Cave.  The trench digger was delivered and the folks from Dean's Electric got to work..

While the Electrician was busy in the backyard I started the lay out of tile for the Den floor and only managed to get two rows laid before running out of thin set.

George came home and we headed out to Lowe's to get more cement and grout.  I could spend hours wandering around that store.  We also needed some groceries and decided to at the H.E.B Plus store just down the street from Lowe's.  Oh my god that store is huge.  Imagine that, we ended up in that store way too long.  Nothing else will be getting done tonight since it is so late.

The Inspector came by and unfortunately the electricity did not pass.  The electrical line has to be either 24inch deep or 18ins deep in conduit.  They will be back out Saturday to fix.  I am getting a day off from working on the house but I have to go to the Laundromat.  It only takes about an hour to get 4 loads done.  I may just keep going there after the house is completed just to save time.  It's a nice place and has huge big screen TV's to watch while you are waiting.  It seemed like it was all men in there today but have no fear ladies they were not eye candy so don't all be rushing out to your local cleaners any time soon.

I have also had it with my hair so I stopped into the beauty salon across the street when I finished the laundry to see if someone could do something with this mop on my head.  They can fit me in first thing in the morning.  Great news since it is only five minutes away from the house...Home and another few rows laid.

Time to get up and moving.  Off to the Beauty Salon to get a haircut. 
Home and back to work.
I am turning into a tiling fool.  I thought George was going to be doing this since it was his idea.  As usual, I am left wondering how the hell did this happen.  It is a big room and my only saving grace is that since we removed the wall and are matching the existing tile from the other room, I have a line already in place to follow.

Me mixing the thin set

I was getting frustrated and tired trying to keep my lines straight  Could not figure out what was wrong. It would have been so much simpler if the mosaics had been left straight but Mr. Designer himself wanted them on an angle..Who the hell is this man and where did you take my husband.  He evidently is watching way too much HGTV with me. 

George came in from work and I got him to look at it.  His suggestion was to take the tiles back up that I had just laid.  That is not what I wanted to hear and disagreed.  His reply"  If you had paid someone to lay the tile would you have accepted this result".  I was slightly perturbed.  George helped me lift about 8 tiles that I had just laid.  What a pain.  A few tiles have been slightly bigger and that just manifests the lines as you go until it is very noticeable.  Time to call it a night for me.

George finished putting up the shower walls in the guest bathroom after helping me fix my muck up. Plastic barrier goes up first before the concrete backer boards..

He then decided to lay the tile in the shower floor.  We were not in agreement on his approach and it did not work out as he planned.  He had to pull them up and will have to redo..

I must admit I was secretly overjoyed after my dilemma in the other room but I did not give him the answer he gave me when he asked how they looked.  He figured it out for himself and ripped the mosaics up..I knew there was way to much thin set on them...  I will burn in hell for that one...

It's the weekend and while others are having fun we are back at the grind.  I have to take a break from tiling as it is getting old and we are going to fill the holes in the ceilings today..
The Electrician is back to put the line in conduit.
She is heating the pipe so she can bend it.
Pipe in and electricity on...Yahoo...

We got busy and first room up is our Den.  I removed the plastic and was back on Popcorn removal duty.  I had two strips to scape off on each side.

George would measure and cut the boards and then we both would hold them up as George screwed them in.
Now you see it...

Now you don't..
Then we tacked the kitchen extension ceiling

Now you see it...

Now you don't

Then the family room...Last huge hole to fill in.


That's the last of the plastic on the ceiling.  the holes are all filled. I am over the moon...Happy Dance  :)

Swept up the mess and called it a night...Good day all round..

Holy crap my body hurts but there is lots to do.  More popcorn removal for me today and George is on framing a wall.
 Measuring and cutting the wood...

 Frame in and onto the electrical points...

 Then George came into the family room to remove the fake beam from the ceiling..

 He was done in jig time...what a man...

I removed all the wood that had been piling up in the room.  I can see the floor..only problem is I stacked it outside the back door and will have to move it sooner or later...bummer.not today it is way too hot...

All done..clean up time

The end of another week...
What I have learned..

I can pretty much do anything if I put my mind to it..Tiling for one...
If professionals can make mistakes, so can I....Tiling..
Inspectors are really important. 
I am tired....really tired...

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Until Next week...


Michelle Milligan said...

Jackie, you and your husband are a marvellous team. This house will be a dream when it's finished and you two will sit back and feel so satisfied with your efforts. My compliments really - a fab couple. xxx

The OutPost said...

Thank you, I can't wait until we are done and can sit back and actually enjoy our home..