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WEEK 17 of Remodel a House and Don't Divorce or die Doing It..

12 Sept thru 18 Sept

Worked on the blog but I am getting nowhere fast.  By the time George came home I had done Nothing.
As soon as George showed up I see him picking up a large piece of wood and making his way to the side of the house by the gate.  When I asked what he was doing, he told me there was a snake in the yard.  Wish I hadn't asked YIKES..

I guess it was time to get moving.  George wanted to get the other coat of primer on the bedroom walls.

He is a dab hand at this now and does make it look easy.
He also got another fan up.  The one in the kitchen extension.  I know I am not in the pics but I am helping.  I am the little lackey for whatever he needs.

Called it a night.  Now I have not been sleeping to well at night and the episode with the snake was not helping so lets just say when I was sitting outside around 1 Am, I was not prepared to have another visitor.  It was  a big ass Raccoon.  I nearly peed my pants.  I tried to get my camera but I had left it in the house and I was not walking across the yard to get it.  I didn't know if Raccoons could run and I was not taking the  eventually got to sleep.

Now George was gone by the time I woke up so I called my mum to tell her about the snake and Raccoon.  I was talking to her on the phone when I went into the house.  Out runs a mouse in front of me and I let out a scream.  My mum thought it was all rather funny.  I had enough of it and time for me to spring into action.  We only had one room left to demolish and as far as I was concerned that was what was causing my animal problem.

Time to Demo this disgusting bathroom...

Started by taking the drywall off the outside walls.

 Disconnected the sink and hauled out the sink unit.
 Turned off the power and took down the vanity with lights.

I then proceed to take out the shower.  All the roach poop that has fell out of the wall.

Can I just say it was gross and even more so underneath the shower pan..DEAD Roaches..

Now if that is not gross enough for you then maybe this will be.  I was tearing back the wall in the inside of the bathroom and once again I get the fright of my life.  There is a dead carcass behind the wall..

I decide to take a break and pull myself together.  After a cup of Joe and a few cigs it's time to go back in.  I put on rubber gloves and remove the carcass, still not sure what it is.  I will let George have a look at it. I took out all the insulation and bagged it.

I then disconnected the toilet and moved it to one side along with the shower pan in order to get to the other walls.  Sure hope there are no more

These are a bunch of Gecko eggs behind the Water heater wall..

Can I just say I have had my fill of creatures for the day...
Kept busy the rest of the day and pretty much got down to the bones of the area by the time George got home from work.

George left me at my demo work and he started painting the Bedrooms.
I picked a Burnished Metal  for the master and one of the guest bedrooms and Silver moon for the other.

Here is my very own little Raccoon...

Difference is,  he is cute and cuddly and doesn't drink from the pool...

Now when George was finished painting and I was cleaning up from the demo, I accidentally hit the fixture for the toilet.  Yikes water started shooting out and I ran through to get George..OOPs..
He was laughing later and said he wished he could have got a pic of my face...It was priceless.

Anyway George had to run to the store to get the new attachment to stop the water..

Old off

New on

Thank goodness George was home when that happened or I would have had a major problem on my hand.  I would have eventually ran outside and turned the water off but who knows how long it would have taken me to have that light bulb moment.

Oh and George figured out that the carcass from the wall was a dead Squirrel..poor wee thing..

Time to call it a night..

Today I spent the day doing touch up painting.  I touched up the walls and painted the window ledges in the bedrooms.

George came home and started putting up the fans and vents in the Bedrooms

I helped put them together and then put the switch plates and fan remotes on the walls.

The next Morning I started staining the guest bedroom unit..First coat..

I then decided to put together the closet organizer in the guest bedroom..

There were dowels missing but I can't complain considering I saved hundreds of bucks on this baby and only cost me $26.

George came home and put up the other two fans and vents.

We had to quit and get ready to head out the the very first FRG meeting for the NCO Academy.  There was a great turnout and we got to meet some wonderful soldiers and families....

We got home and went straight to the blow up mattress..
As usual I was up at around 1a.m watching the creatures of the night..
The little Raccoon came back for a least it was the small one tonight.
Getting a little drinky from the pool.

kinda creepy looking in this pic
Then there was the Big Headed Gecko..he looked deformed..

Then there was a Dragon Fly..

I need to learn to sleep at night instead of being creeped out in the back yard..

Today I am finishing cutting and laying the last few tiles in the hallway and grouting..

Before and after the first wash over..

I also put a second coat of stain on the unit in the guest bedroom

George worked on taking up the floor in the demo room when he got home from work.

Finished off the day with another big hole.  This time in the floor..  boooo

Has someone pushed a fast forward button.  I can't believe the weekend is here again already..
George cut off the excess concrete board on the guest bathroom walls so I could grout them. oh joy for me..

Oh my God if I thought grouting floors was tough this takes the biscuit.. Grouting walls is way harder.  I was sweating like a little piggy...

George was in the back room finishing off the demo I started at the begining of the week..

No wonder there was roaches..underneath that bathroom was water logged.  The pipes were just falling apart when you touched them.  The electrical is a whole other issue.  Again it is a wonder this house has never burned down with the shoddy contractor work that was done over the years while we rented it out..

Surprised this water heater had not fallen through the rotten floor boards.

Ready to put back together..

I fiished grouting the walls and George helped me with the wash down.  It was time to call it a day..I am pooped..

Sunday, Sunday.., is this day not suppose to be a day of rest.. not for us.

I cleaned out the master Bathroom and wash the tiles that have been done so far, so I can  get to work on more tiling.

It's now clean of George's mess and ready for me to start work in it again.

Managed to get another wall of tiles and the glass border added.  Putting on the glass tile is harder.  You have to make sure the thin set does not ooze through all the spaces..takes a while to get use to.

Decided to lay the Guest room shower floor tile while this was drying...

This was another time consuming job since I had to freehand the tiles that George had messed up earlier in the month when he tried laying them first.  They were no longer a mosaic but individual diamond tiles...Oh and check out the Black numbers and marks on some of them.  That is also George's handy dandy work.  I guess I will be scrubbing that also when the tiles set.  I maybe should have checked that it would wash off before I laid

George was busy building the frame in the powder and laundry room

 He managed to get a new piece of floor down and put the water heater back.

 Framed part of the laundry room.

 Worked on the new washer pipes..

and got some drywall up..

The end of another busy week

What I have Learned

I don't like snakes, Raccoons, Mice , Roaches or any other critter for that matter
I don't like finding dead carcuses in my wall, squirrel or not...
He won't be hiding NUTS in my crawl space anymore.
My hands hurt so bad from tiling and grouting.
I am tired of Tiling and Grouting
No I am just tired..

Until next time

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