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WEEK 16 of Remodel a House and Don't Divorce or Die Doing It..

WEEK  16
5 Sept thru 11 Sept 2011

It's Labor Day and we are still hard at it.  I got up and headed out to Home Depot to get the Wall  texture that I like.  George called while I was at the store to let me know that he opened up the Master Bedroom wall and ceiling and there is mold.  There was water damage to the house a few years ago when we had renters and the contractor done a shoddy job at fixing the damage.  It looked like he just smeared joint compound on the wall and ceiling.  Never smoothed it out or even painted.  We could see the water mark and decided it would be better to open up and check it out.  Thank god we did.  Home Depot as always are so helpful.  This is the site when I got home.
George cleared about 3ft all the way round to make sure we got it all cleaned out and soak with the Mold protection before it could be sealed back up.

 The funky drywall..
 Washing and mold treatment..

 After it was totally dry..George set at closing the hole back up with new drywall and more mud on the walls.. George has been having major migraines and I think he is allergic to the compound mixture so I ask him to keep the mask on after dealing with the mold while he was putting the mud on the walls.

We then put a light coat of primer on the walls again in the kitchen and den since we put plaster on the walls yesterday.  When we get ready to paint, this will stop the plaster from sucking up the paint and us having to do more than one coat.

 George let me try out his paint gun...I am not very good at it..

We still got to eat, here I am trying to cook spaghetti in among this mess

Not a very flattering pic but that seems to be the norm in the pics that George
Got to let the primer dry.  Time to call it a night.

George came home and it is time to put some color on the walls..YAHOO...

I chose a Cream Puff color for the Kitchen and Den.

My job is cleaning up the mess as usual.  I get to scrubbing the tiles so I can get to grouting.

I hate prep work. Time to call it  a night.

Grout Day.

Now if anyone every tells you that grouting is easy.  They are LYING.  I was knacked.  This is hard work and then you have to go over it a few times with a sponge and water.  This was the end result to my hands by the time George got home from work.

Blisters and all.

George decided he would give it a shot using the grout bags we bought.  I forgot all about the bags. 

  Although he didn't want to listen to me he had to end up using the float and get down on the floor and spread it out.

Then it was time to wash it down.

What's good for the Goose is good for the Gander. He did a fine job.  We have both had a busy day.

George went to work and I washed the floors again.

Then I moved the new Kitchen Base Cabinets in place in the Kitchen extension.

George came home and got to putting up the the ceiling fans.

First Fan nearly up.

 George started on another fan.

This one went up a whole lot quicker than the first.

Whoop, Two fans up.

Friday I took the day off because George told me too.  He feels sorry for me that he gets away for a while when he goes to work.  Don't have to tell me twice.
Stopped off at Lowe's first.  Had a few things in my cart when I stopped by the lighting department.  Can I just say they are as rude as hell in there.  The lady was helping a man and was all giggly and helpful then when it was my turn, well not so much.
  I was looking for Porch lights.  Every outside light I saw on sale and asked about, she would in turn tell me it was marked wrong.  She would then tear the yellow sticker off the shelf and say it was the wrong price.  She was then complaining that the other shift of employees had done it and she would have to get up to the display and take down the yellow tags from there also.  Needless to say,  I put my stuff down and walked out.  I had enough of her lousy attitude.

I then made my way over to Home Depot.  It is like night and Day.  I must have been asked 10 times by different associates if I needed any help and I was only in the store 5 mins.  Wow.  Got the paint, Vents and light & switch covers I needed.  Went to Ross and had lunch at Jason's Deli.

Went home and had no luck putting up the vents.  Will leave them for George to install.

George got home and he wanted to go to Ace and see if they had the right size vents.  Unfortunately the did not and he wanted to go back to Lowe's.  I was not looking forward to it after my experience earlier.  Anyway I was telling George the story as we walked in the store and he decided we should look at the lights again.  Well little Missy from earlier had not changed the yellow stickers on the display after all.  I showed George the lights I had wanted.  They were originally $60 each but the yellow tag said $14.97. 
He picked two of them off the shelf and headed to the check out.  I went outside because I could not be bothered with the attitudes again. 

Long story short, they rang up at the right price at the register.  The cashier requested someone from lighting.  The employee from earlier in the day that I had dealt with showed up and said they were marked wrong and a lady earlier had tried to buy them (I guess that was me she was talking about to George) and she really should have changed the price.  George told her "not his problem".  She said a manager would need to approve.  George said  "then get a manager"  Needless to say he won the battle.  What a man. 

The weekends seem to be rolling round so much quicker these days. 
Got up and started in the Master Bedroom.  Need to clean out of all the excess supplies so we can get to priming and painting.

I got all the wood out of the closet with my handy dandy wheelbarrow.
George finished putting up drywall inside the other closet.
I then cleaned out the other two bedrooms..

I moved all the wood and pipes outside.  George helped move all the doors to the Family Room.  Well technically he moved them all by himself.
I moved all the new sinks, cabinets and toilets out to the den.
George took down the old fans and lights in the rooms

What an ugly fan..Don't know where it came from or who put it up.

Then I was going to fill in the holes in the walls.  Easy you think.  First I had to take out all the large screws and raw plugs that had been left in the walls.  I don't know who done what but they must have had shelves out the wazoo in both of these rooms.

Then I got my spackling paste and got to work.

Holy Toledo there were hundreds and I kid you not, hundreds of pin holes in the room walls from nails.
What a pain in the rear.  It took twice as long as I thought to get it done.

There were so many holes my little tub was not going to cut it and had to use compound mix.
This is the end result.  This is just how many holes there were in one wall to give you an idea...

George was busy mudding the Master Bedroom closet.  He now wears his mask all the time.  His migraines have stopped.

We then took turns at sanding the rest of the unit in one of the bedrooms.
We then covered the windows, unit and tiles in plastic.

George put up the new $14.97 outside porch a bargain

We got the air conditioner vents up in the part of the kitchen and den

And then I did my Happy

George finished the night off by priming the bedroom walls...Yahoo

Today I am going to put the plaster on the walls of the bedrooms..

This is another one of the gorgeous George's pics of me after I had finished the Plaster in the Master Bedroom. lol..
George came and helped me with the knockdown part but I eventually had to tell him I would do it my self.  He was scraping way to hard.  When you come to the house, you will be able to see where George worked.  All the messed up plaster is his  love you...

After I was done with the plaster, we washed down the tiles in the kitchen and den again so we could put on the grout sealer.  Ok let me say that again.  I got down on my hands and knees and washed the tiles, George sprayed on the sealer.
pooped after cleaning the tiles..

George spraying on the sealer

I then put a few coats of high gloss sealer on the mosaics..

George was hovering over me giving me pointers.  Well telling me I missed a spot, so guess what..

He got to do the next two..

I must admit his looked far better than mine so he went back over the two I did and I just love how they look...

The end of another productive week..

What I have learned

Everything we brought here in our suitcases is either covered in plaster or paint..yuck
Grouting is hard work..don't let anyone tell you otherwise..they are LYING...
Prep works takes just as long as the actual job itself.
No one is good at everything. 
I know I SUCK at painting with the commercial sprayer. 
George is AWESOME with it..
When someone doesn't realize themselves they are not good at something. 
 Sorry, but you got to tell them.
As in my case.. I am good at using the plaster machine,  George not so 
I did tell him the other day when I plastered , so this will not be news to him.
There has not been one flattering picture taken of me by my husband during this remodel..
:)  Go Figure..
 Until next time..

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