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WEEK 19 of Remodel a House and Don’t Divorce or Die Doing It.

26 Sept thru 2 Oct
Monday. Monday..  Note Note singing this in my head..taking the day off to catch up on the blog. I am 4 weeks behind..Managed to get two weeks done by the time George came home.
He got to work and  finished up the drywall in my office.
Since we had to redo the plumbing last week, I had to take the insulation back up but the plumbing got done and I called Early for an inspection. 
Kenny came and we have a green light.
Now it is off to do Laundry.   You would think there is not much to talk about a Laundromat.  Not in my case.  Why do women feel the need to take their small toddlers out to a public place with only diapers on. I felt so bad for these two little boys they must have been about 4 and 2. Why the 4 year old was still in diapers is beyond me but to each there own.  The children didn't have shoes on either. The kids ran about the Laundromat the whole time while  she had a cell phone attached to her ear. Every now and again she would look to see where they were and shout"you better get over here before I beat you"  Really, someone needs to beat her ass. What does she expect from two little kids when their mother is not paying them any attention, of course they will be mischievous.  Anyway I was done in about an hour and headed home. 
Came home and worked on another two weeks of the blog. I am finally up to date.
George had a dinner to attend tonight when he got home from work and  I am now 2 for 2 on doing nothing in the house.
George brought me Chinese food home and I ate it at 9pm, not good I was up in the wee hours of the morning again and got a visit from my furry friend.
As I was watching him from the window I see him take my cigs off the bench.

I fumbled in the dark to try and get my camera but I was not quick enough. He was up on his hind paws taking them out of the pack. It would have been a top pic. Darn..
Anyway he thinks I am his new play pal. I could not get rid of him. He was right up at the cabin and all the shooing in the world was not scaring him a way. My glowing personality must radiate even to animals…lol

Got up today and really wanted to get some work done. I started cleaning the excess thin set off the guest room tiles and had planned to set the last tiles in the shower so I could grout.

but my dear friend that I knew in Korea brought me over an Italian lunch. We sat in the cabin and had salad, bread and baked Ziti and talked for a few hours. So much more fun than working..Thanks Millie, you are so thoughtful as always.. Needless to say when she left I was stuffed like a wee piglet and needed a nap..
When George came home he headed out to pick up SGT Jon Tuttle.  He and George worked together in Hawaii.   He was here from Ft. Drum training on  Ft. Hood.
They came back to the house, picked me up and we headed out to dinner. We had a great time catching up.  Listening to him and George telling their stories and taking a trip down memory lane was heart warming.  He is such a great young man and Soldier. George is so proud of Jon.  He is part of our family and will always have a place to stay in Texas..

Home and I am stuffed and tired again..mmmm seem to have a food theme going this week.
It’s graduation day again at the NCO Academy and after the last graduation debacle.  Theresa was kind enough to offer me a ride to the ceremony.  I got up early and headed out and met her at the Academy and then we rode over to the III Corps Headquarters together. 

Theresa plays an integral role in the success of the NCO Academy.  Thanks for all you do for our Soldiers and their Families and for making sure I did not miss the ceremony this time.
The pictures of the graduation were also taken by Theresa.  One of her many talents.
George acting the fool..this is one of his familiar poses

When George came home he started building a ramp in order for us to move the bathtub inside..
Steve came over and between the three of us we managed to get it on the ramp and then they pushed it down the hall.

Houston we have a problem.  There is No way to turn the bathtub in the hall and get it into the Master Bedroom.

OMG..after all the trouble it is now sitting in the Hallway..
George thought we would have to take down the wall in one of the guest bedrooms in order to get it in our room but Steve came up with a plan and George put it to work early the next morning…
George removed the stud from the guest bedroom doorway and left the wall intact.  Then just cut a small piece of the drywall back and Voilà..
Bathtub has now made it into the Master Bedroom
Thanks Steve for the advice, you saved us from taking another wall down…Yahoo..
George then built two saw horses for me to use while painting the molding.  
Then he worked on putting the toilet in the guest bathroom

I then started cleaning floors Because

a while back while we were out shopping we stopped by Ashley Furniture .  We need a new dining room table and I had looked at one before and wanted George’s opinion.  I don’t know how it happened but for all that know me.  I don’t need anymore seating furniture in my house.  So someone tell me how I went from buying this

To ending up with all this….

we had to have it delivered because they needed the space in the warehouse.  We will work around it all and hopefully I will figure out what to do with the other furniture that is in our Household good shipment..
I went and took a shower and changed clothes so I could try out the Chaise lounge…

It feels so good to relax on a real piece of furniture…ahh..
Can’t wait to replace that crappy looking door in the background with my Texas Star Glass door.
Today  is Popcorn ceiling scraping time.  This is the very last of the popcorn that I will have to take off.  It is a small section that is left on the Family room.

I had to move all the doors out of the room and into the kitchen extension before I could start

One day I will no longer have to shuffle supplies from one corner of this house to another.

George got under the house to align the pipes so he could attach the Master Bath Faucet on the wall.

I also cleaned through all the buckets of tools we had and got them in order.
Late in the afternoon George took over his Chainsaw so Steve next door could take down some Tree Branches in his yard.

Then George came home and put some mud on the walls in my office before we called it a night.
It’s back to tiling for me today in the Master Bathroom
I had to crop these pics since I looked like I had a plumbers butt…

When I got to the Bath Faucet, George had to fill the hole after he tightened the Facet to the tile..

I spent the rest of the day finishing the wall

Another part done

George worked on the Family room, installing the wood beam at the other side of the fireplace to replicate the one that we had installed when we raised the beams into the ceiling.

He also had to run the drain pipe from the water heater to outside.  No problem for him.  Did not take long to drill a hole through the brick wall and get it installed.

I was done for the day but George removed the Fireplace mantel and took it outside and sanded it down.

Another week has come and gone and I am officially POOPED…
What I have Learned this Week
That I really need to keep up with the Blog and not try and play catch up.
That some things you just have to do over.  Insulation always seem to be part of it.
The Raccoon's better keep their paws of my cigs or Else..Snap..Bang!!!
Anyone know how Raccoon stew tastes???
Grateful for having wonderful people help out this week.
Big Thank you to Theresa, Millie and Steve
Always heartwarming to see friends..Be safe SGT Tuttle..
Not to take your hubby Furniture Shopping.
He encouraged me to get the living room set as it matched the dining set..
It’s all his fault and it’s my story and I am sticking to it..
Thankful that my husband will work all day and night….
Until next time…
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