Wednesday, February 8, 2012

WEEK 23 Part 2 Remodel a House and Don’t Divorce or Die Doing It.


Now let the games begin...

Three trucks pulled up each loaded down with crates.  My stomach was churning as it always does just before the unloading begins.  You just never know how the inside of the crate is going to look when it is opened.  My stuff has been sitting in storage for nearly 6 months and before that it had travelled from Hawaii to Texas.

Here goes...

The first two crates are opened and our stuff looks intact..

George mans the item check off list while I direct where to put our stuff.  Since I don't want all the boxes unpacked and they only have to unwrap the furniture, it should move along quickly..

In a blink of an eye we have 2 crates unloaded and on our third..

No. 4  No major problems so far..

Zipping right along..

Six Crates Emptied now time to pull up the second Truck around ...will we be so lucky..

I spy with my little eye...MY MATTRESS   Do you think anyone would mind if I quit and took a
These guys are keeping up the pace...

Oh Shit..PLEASE, PLEASE let my Grandfather clock be in one piece

sigh of made it..

Now  this crate is not looking so good. 
The contents look like they have shifted, I guess I will find out if anything is broken when I unpack..

More crates to empty...

Now that there has been 14 crates emptied it is time for some lunch. 
 I nip round to Little Caesar's and pick up five 
Hot and Ready large Pepperoni Pizza...
They are only $5 each ...what a deal...

Then it was time to get back to the last of the crates...
Don't know where this showed up from since I have never seen it before..

I have a large oversized couch in this cardboard box..not holding out much hope but we will see.

Holy Smoke the boxes are all the way to the ceiling..

My little ole Office I think...

My new wooden floors took a beating when they unwrapped the large pieces of furniture. I guess the moving company will have to come out and take a look and figure out how to repair them.  My couch is in one piece.

Can't find the box with all the parts to the furniture (feet, screws, bolts, etc)

Glad no one will be sleeping in this room

Our room is not so bad..

Another bedroom packed to the hilt..

This room and our bedroom are the only ones we can actually move in..yikes..

Outside the back door..
There is a method to my madness having all this put outside.

More out in the shed...

Even George's Mancave got filled..oopsy..

After these guys left

We managed to clear the floor in the office..

and make some space in the Family room..

It has been a long day and time to call it a night.
I can hear my bed calling my name.

The only thing I have learned

or as George's would say
TOO Much Shit...
until next time.  If I survive..

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Jackie D

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Paula said...

Yuck.. my stomach hurts just looking at all those boxes to unpack. I know you, and those boxes will be unpacked and thrown out soon enough. It will be beautiful!!