Wednesday, February 8, 2012

WEEK 23 Part 1 Remodel a House and Don’t Divorce or Die Doing It.

Week 23  Part 1 24 Oct thru 27 Oct 2011

What a great way to start the week especially for me..a wonderful hot bubble bath in my new tub.

George got home and it was back to work. Time to install the Kitchen Extension Cabinets.

         We also got some molding up in the family room ceiling and floor

Then onto installing new vent.

I was the laborer today..hold this, cut that…you know the drill.. Glad the day is over

Today I am my own boss.

Today is going to be all about Paint, Stain and Sealers

I started off the day painting more molding..

Then it was onto the first coat of stain on the guest bathroom ceiling. Still not quite on board with the stain effect but George really prefers that to paint. What the man wants the man gets.

Not really but this is the only time he has fussed about a design.

Cleaned and sealed the last remaining mosaic.

George came home and completed the molding in the family room and office

and installed the light in the laundry.

Today we focused on the Master bedroom on anticipation of getting a bed to sleep in real soon…a matter of Days…yippee

We had to fix the molding on the ceiling and baseboards

Then I cleaned the floors with the recommended wood cleaner

Put our new bed frame in place

and finish the closet organizer.

Today we have to get floor space cleaned and tools put away..we are one day away from our Household goods being delivered…

I packed up our clothes in the Man cave

Cleaned the Family Room

Put tools in cupboards and tried find a place to put all this crap before tomorrow…

It has been a long hard day and I am cutting this week’s blog short because tomorrow we will be shifting gears from Remodeling to Chaos…

The end of a busy few days

What I have learned

I love, Love, Love my Bathtub

I am excited and dreading tomorrow all at once.

It has been a long journey to this point

but we still have a steep climb ahead of us….

Until Next Time..

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Jackie D

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