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WEEK 22 Remodel a House and Don’t Divorce or Die Doing It.

17 Oct thru 23 Oct 2011 Where Has the Time Gone…

Well the last time I posted the blog we had just completed WEEK 21 and that was way back on the 16th of October 2011. Wow how time has flown. My only excuse for not blogging is Life..well not really. My household goods got delivered and I was more focused on emptying boxes and getting things put away than blogging but most of all I was relieved to get off the blow up mattress and get to have a good night sleep in a bed…the small comforts in life that can bring us so much joy…
So if there are still folks out there still interested, I will try and get you up to date..
WEEK 22 17th Oct thru 23 Oct 2011
George started the week off getting the pipes for the bathtub measured and cut.
George and Steve then deliberate the best way to actually install..
Drain pipe is in ..
Then it was time to move my Bathtub into the Master Bathroom..This was a long time coming and so glad our great neighbor Steve was about to help George put it in place.

George was so happy that the tub was at its final destination, he decided to try it out for size…

Next day it was time to connect the plug and drain of the actual tub and caulk the tub surround
 George also managed to get the toilet installed..Yay

He also worked on the vanity lights wiring
I don’t know what I was doing the last few days since I have no pics of me to jog my memory but today I know for sure I was plastering the family room ceiling..
This is by far the best plaster to use

Mix it up per direction
No pics of me actually spraying since George really doesn’t pay attention to when I am working to take pics…I think it is a man
When it is nearly dry you take the spatula and knock it down…hence KNOCKDOWN plaster…

George cleaned up the walls as I was doing the plaster…It was time for him to be my lackey for a change…

He then suited up and primed the walls of the office, laundry and bathroom…
We finished the day with having dinner with the neighbors…Thanks Steve
Today I cleaned out the master bedroom to prep for the new floors

George painted the ceilings

There is my little Raccoon face that I love..
I started painting the walls with

 It took most of the day but I got the family room finished..

George got the underlay down on the master bedroom floor before the end of the day..

New day and time to get moving…while George is at work I get started on the paint in the office
When he gets home he starts the floor in the bedroom

I spent the night scrubbing the Fireplace and removing the old screen.

Take off the fireplace wood Mantel and give it a few coats of stains
Time to call it a night..
Saturday morning I start building the closet organizer ..
mmm let me read the instructions..

Don’t know why I don’t have a picture of it finished but I think it may have to do with that I eventually had to enlist George’s help to attach the top half along with the shelves and rails..
George pushed on laying floors..

He also got the ceiling lights done..

Not bad for a days work..

Got up early and had to go to the emergency room. I guess while cleaning the fireplace on Friday with the chemicals I scratched my nose.
I now have an infection and my face is all swollen…not pretty
Most of the day was shot so I spent the rest of the day doing nothing per doctors orders and George managed to get the ceiling fan and side wall lights installed
Although some things have always got to be done twice and the wall lights are no exceptions..
What is wrong with this pic…
I figured there was something wrong when he could not get the bulb in…
Proper installation..
Oh well some things never change….
End of another week
What I have learned
or what I can remember I
Having great neighbors is a wonderful thing
Don’t Touch your face when using heavy duty Chemicals
you will end up looking like Quasimodo..
Always, Always read instructions when installing lights
or at least look at the picture on the box…..
Until next time
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Jackie D    

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