Saturday, December 18, 2010

Fun In December...

It's been a busy few weeks with Christmas Parties, Tree Lighting's and Get Togethers.  Here are just some pictures of the Wonderful Spouses and Friends that I have had the privilege to spend time with.  We have played games, ate lots and lots of food and drank our share of wine...ok lots and lots of wine but most of all we have LAUGHED and had a great time......

Hui Christmas Bunco

Give me some Dots!!

        Yahoo dots all the way !!   

Not so Lucky !!!!

I WIN !!!!!

I Lose  !!!!

But we all had FUN  !!!!
Thank you ladies for a wonderful evening.  My all time best reaction for a win came from Debbie.
 I laughed so hard at her reaction I nearly pee'd my pants....

Coffee Group Christmas Gift Exchange

Let the game begin

Yes, You just stole my gift and your Happy !!!

This is Fun......... 

mmmmm do I want this ????

Plotting and up to NO good, behind the smiles....

I'm evil, I just stole a gift...

Game Over.  Everyone is Happy

Great evening with lots of excitement, opened gifts, plotted to steal gifts, ate, drank, laughed  but the biggest topper did not come from the coffee group but from my Husband.  He has had fun being a waiter these last few weeks.  He has donned an apron and served food, beverages, cleared the table and even done the dishes ( Believe me this is a new him).  All the ladies thought it was wonderful and it was up until the loud crash while we were eating!!!!!
It was a picture and I forgot to take one. George had managed to topple over the table with the Bottles of wine and there he stood...among broken glass, wine all over the floor, dirt and a broken Poinsettia plant..
We laughed so hard after all the guests had gone home at the look on his face when it happened.
It was still a wonderful evening even with the mishap..
Thanks to my Husband and Dad for all their hard work...

Honolulu City Lights Trolley Ride Tour

The Hui O'Wahine has a Christmas Trolley ride in December and last night was the night.  We had a potluck dinner  before hand at one of the ladies homes and then we were off. 
Looking Cute in their Christmas headgear

A man in Uniform gets me all the time !!
The little ginger bread man playing with Hershey Kisses...

Too cute...
Merry Christmas...

A Shaka from a Hawaiian Santa...

Going home and the wind has whipped up..

Why do I bother to fix my hair...

Needless to say I have not got much of a voice today after shouting Merry Christmas to all the tourists we passed during our tour of Honolulu and Waikiki....

To all the military Spouses who I have spent time with this month and throughout the years. 
Thank you for all you do to Support our Men and Women in Uniform and for bringing such joy into my life.  You are the folks that make this journey I am  taking with the Military a blessing each and every day..
To Family and Friends...Thank you for being the light in my life
Merry Christmas

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