Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Fence Goes Up

This was done in the month of March..
Time to install our new fence from the front of the house to connect with the ugly
preexisting chain link fence.

Now we could not be normal and install pre-made wooden Fence Panels, instead it is going to be built from scratch.
George first digs the holes for the fence posts and then gets them set in with concrete.

Next day after posts have set, George installs the support rails

Then onto the gate frame

My husband then had to elicit my help to put on all the fence pickets.

Our wonderful neighbor Lonnie comes over to give us words of encouragement.
 He and his wife Norma are the best.

Called it a night

Next day it was time to do the other side.  Nope don't be confused, the boat is our neighbors, we were just storing it for him.  lol but I am sure possession its 9/10th of the law...

This is a handy dandy level George got today.  Pity we didn't have it when we were doing the other side.

Drilling the post holders into the concrete driveway.

Then it was on to the double gate frame

And the panels go on.  Just so there is no confusion.  I was out there helping with the panels and sweating my big toosh off.. there are just no pics to prove it..

Three weeks later after the panels have dried out it is time to stain the fence.  It is definitely changed days.  Years ago you only got stain in three colors.  Natural, Red cedar and brown.  Now you can pretty much get any color you want.  We opted to go with a color as close to the color of our siding...

George prepping to get started with the spray gun...

I helped put the plastic

Let the spraying begin...

One side done , so I moved my car over so it did not get paint on it when he starts the other side of the house...not that I am not trusting but George has had a few mishaps where I am concerned during this project.

Plastic up and ready to go

and he is off...

We bought some Fence post solar lights..George installing them

Fence Done...

What I have Learned

Don't leave a space between the boards when installing if you live in a hot state
When the boards dry out completely, the space between them is bigger than you may want..lesson learned
The Duncan's never take the easy route but the reward is worth far more..

Until next time

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Jackie D

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