Wednesday, May 16, 2012

An Afternoon Face Lift

Well we have been working outside on the pool and patio and we were ready to paint the inside of the pool today but it is pouring outside so I guess it is time for me to get back to finishing up all the small jobs inside the house that I have been putting off in order to get the house completed.

First I painted the last of the Hallway doors and the last door in the living room.  Then I had to paint the crown moulding and baseboards in the kitchen extension.  I got it all knocked out in no time and decided it was time to tackle the Kitchen Hutch that holds some of my polish Pottery.
It has been numerous colors over the years but it is looking the worst for wear and does not look good against the newly painted walls and remodelled Kitchen.

I have been using the Glidden no drip one coat paint for the last year on our home and I guess I am so use to it that when I opened the black paint it looked like water.  It was a pain in my rear end to use and I dripped it everywhere.  Not too worry, I overcame it and got to work.  I guess the bright side was that the paint was so thin it dried real quick between coats. 
 One afternoon and four coats of paint later, it's done..

Old colored Hutch
New colored Hutch

Suffice to say I am happy with the results and it now compliments the new kitchen.
It's amazing what a few coats of paint can do for an old worn down hutch.
After some of the undertakings I have endured during this remodel I really could have painted this with one hand tied behind my back and kidding..

Happy, Happy..check another project off the list.

Note to self... go buy the hardware for the new cabinets to finish the kitchen completely.
Until next time
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Jackie D

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