Monday, July 4, 2011

WEEK 6 of Remodel a House and Don't Divorce or Die Doing it...

27 June thru 3 July 2011

I have been wearing my husbands flip flops (slippers for those of you from Hawaii..) around the house, so today we got up and went to Home Depot bright and early. Right before I get out of the truck  to go into the store, I look down at my feet.  Holy Toledo, I have his slippers on..I felt like a complete fool walking around the store and was convinced that everyone was looking at my feet… I won’t do that again. 
Anyway, Lawn Masters promotion this month is Free Stain and 10% off Pergolas.  I had paid for my Pergola the day before the new promotion.  Lawn Masters and Home Depot were Fantastic.  They contacted me and told me to come in so they could make the adjustment and give me money back…Always love a DISCOUNT.  Today was turning out to be a good day. 
We picked up some sub flooring wood so we could finish the family room and start on the bathrooms and got a few other supplies.  
George also got another set of Tools…Hmmmm  go figure..  We also got a Wood ceiling mount ladder to give George access to the attic from the other side of the house.  Another job now added to the list of things still to be done.

I got The Texas Star Tile Mosaic for the entrance at my front door...  It will match the front door..

We went home and I was over the moon..The guys from Louie Minor Construction were their hauling out the old concrete rubble from the back yard…yahoo.  I was ecstatic..

It took four trucks loads to haul all the concrete away...

All gone..

The concrete is all gone finally but so is my grass.  That was not part of the deal.  The concrete lay way too long...
The guys worked on finishing the framing of the pool.  Kenny the Inspector had to come and inspect before they are allowed to pour tomorrow.  Unfortunately they did not get the green light.  Kenny wants the risers put under the row bar.  He will be back tomorrow at 9am before they pour.

Perry also came and took the trash.  I can see my yard again although my grass is now dead..

George and I never really got anything done in the inside today but after all the contractors left for the day.  George and I went out and tore out the old gate and fence at the back door and repositioned it at the side of the house.  I filled in the holes that the concrete posts came out of and cleared the area.  We worked to midnight and then off to bed ( well blow up mattress to tell the truth), for some rest.  Tomorrow was going to be a busy day.

Today started bright and early AGAIN….The concrete contractors were here at their usual time of 6 am.

They started putting the risers in under the row bar and getting ready for the pouring of the concrete around the pool.   

Kenny showed up right on time to inspect.  They have a go. 

Let the pouring begin.   I have decided you need nerves of steel to watch this process.  I am not chicken hearted but my nerves and stress have been on a roller coaster since last week.  I was at ease when I woke up, but boy, now that they started the pouring, my stomach is in knots.. I could use a drink right about now…
 I keep walking away, coming inside, lying down and now I figured I would write for the blog to keep my mind off it…If someone says tickety boo to me I am likely to do one of two things…either give you a swift kick or burst into tears…

They are so close to the back door with the concrete truck..It was Reggie the drivers last day before he moves home to Louisiana..

George decided to fix a chip at the corner of the house..

This is a long process and as my husband is reminding me right now”this is what we signed up for”

At least we have control and the contractors are working for us.  I guess all in all,  I am glad we are doing the remodel ourselves…MAYBE…lol

The pool cap is not up to par..there is a section that is a complete mess and not level…I am sick to my stomach.  What the hell are we paying for.  All the promises that Clarence made don’t mean shit right now..

ABC Supply stopped by with the load of siding.  We have had to reschedule the job twice so far because Clarence was way behind on the concrete and now they are set to start on the 5th July.  We have to have the concrete done because we will not be able to reschedule again…

Today is a new day
They completed the framing and set up for the patio and then Kenny showed up to inspect.  I hope I never have to go through this again.  Paul worked so hard trying to get the concrete smoothed out before it dried..

We have a hairline crack in the Patio also...this is not going well at all...

The delivery of paint from Glidden came...It's for the siding that goes on next Tuesday

We took a trip  to Lowes after the concrete was poured on the patio.  We picked up a smaller guest bathroom door, closets organizers and extra closet shelving.

I got a great deal on the shelves.  Originally $45 each.  On clearance $12.50 then I got another 10% off that..YAY
We then went to Applebees for a bite to eat and it was Ladies Night Out...Margarita's and some of their cocktails were only $2.00.  I had a nice steak dinner and TWO BAHAMA MAMAs..
Needed a nap when I got home..Those drinks were strong on the liquor but very tasty.

George had to go to post early and I stayed at home in case the cable guy showed up…I am so sick of the interrupted service we get.  Anyway George got back before he showed so I got the laundry together and headed out the door to the laundry matt.  I could not take another day dealing with the concrete.  It is nerve racking.  Got the laundry done and went to Ashley furniture store.  I think I have found us a new Dining room table and chairs, new sofa, bed frame and night
Stopped by Walmart on the way home and picked up some stuff .  I was hoping Clarence would be gone by the time I got back but no such luck.
As I got out of the car I heard him asking George for more money.  We already gave him 50% of the cost up front in cash…not on your Nelly until the job is done…They poured the sidewalk at the side of the house but I was not there to take pics while they were working.  They also dug out the ditches for the pillars for George's man cave…

The cable guy showed up and we found out that when the cable was first installed when we moved back in, that the installer used the wrong cable...I guess he doesn't work for Time Warner anymore...I wonder why.  It's all fixed and now working perfect.

Friday at last and  we had no contractors today.  Clarence said he could not get an inspection to do the driveway and front sidewalk (not true since  I called the city and asked) and wanted to pour on Tuesday.  That's a no go since the siding is getting installed.  He also said he needed money to pay the concrete company.  Not our problem.  It will be interesting to see if he comes back when George calls him after the installation of the siding and windows.  He still has the Driveway, pillars and sidewalk to do.

Anyway, George got busy with the framing of the guest bathroom.  I have learned my lesson and George doesn’t want my help after the last escapade when we were framing together.  Measurements getting screwed

The concrete guys left a complete mess in the backyard and who knows whether they will be back to clean up.  I have time so I might as well start separating the old concrete that is mixed in with the rocks around the outside of the pool.  It was hotter than blazes so I made my self some shade…Ingeniuous, I think.

We stopped working around 4pm to get ready to go out to The Rodeo.  It was Military Appreciation night.  It was fantastic and nice to relax after the horrible week we have had. 

George and Jay..The Host for the Military

Got to spend time with Old friends from Korea

The Texas Rangers

Military Color Guard

The clown tried to pass this lawn mower off as a tractor..

Wish this was clearer. It was young kids riding Sheep

George is teetering on the Brink of becoming a fully fledged TEXAN . 
He bought a cowboy hat tonight.  He looks rather handsome in it if I say so myself.  He isn’t quite there yet. 
If you notice he has Jeans and cowboy hat  = Texan,
Aloha shirt and boat shoes = Hawaii.

Saturday. I got up and started cleaning the back yard again.  George bought me a wheelbarrow to make moving the rocks a little easier.  $84 Bucks for a dam wheelbarrow...really

When it got way too hot I came in and started to work again on the blog for this week.
George got up and headed out to the store.  We need more 2x4 and he is going to see about the Engineered Beam we need .  He came back and what a surprise , more tools…will it ever end..

He is busy working on the rest of the framing of the master bedroom and bathroom

It's Sunday and the end of a long week.  I woke up at my usual 4am but managed to close my eyes and get a few extra hours.  Eventually got up at 6.30 am, had my coffee and got back to work at moving rocks.  I had to redo the rocks I done yesterday...pain in my rear...

Later on I went to the store to pick up a few things...
Some plants for my yard..

George worked on finishing up the framing in the master bed and bathroom and laying the sub floors.

Tar paper down

Sub floor going down

Sub Floor Down in one half of room

Unfortunately we can't save the wood floor in the small bedroom that is now part of the master.  So George starts work on removing them.

After a nap George gets up and decides to use his new toy (power washer) to wash my car.
 I don"t know where he gets his energy from.  He is like the energizer bunny sometimes..

He then gets the framing finished on the back door so the guys can put the siding over it on Tuesday..

He then takes down the old telephone wires and box from our last tenant.

Throughout this project George is always looking for the pencil to mark boards.  He never knows where he put it last.  Problem solved...

What I have learned this week

I love the Inspectors.
These are the folks that keep the contractors honest .
Always have the inspectors involved.
This is not a job for the week at heart.
Do a budget review every week.
Make sure your contracts that you sign with your outside contractors have a clause if they are running behind.
They make sure there is a clause to benefit them if you make any changes after the agreement is signed.
If a Contractor asks for Cash and more than 25% of the cost of the job up front...RUN...
Don't fall for sweet old men...
Delays will cost YOU money..lesson learned on our part…
Spend $2 on a pencil holder that attaches to your spouses belt..It will save you a lot of grief..
Most of all..I love my husband dearly, he is a keeper..(I already knew this, just wanted everyone else to know)

Even though it has been a tough week for us, it has been nothing  compared to what some of our friends are enduring.
One friend, Lisa, has a son recovering from surgery.  Marcus wishing you a speedy recovery.
Another, Cathy, has a daughter fighting an infection that has taken her eyesight in one eye.  Sarena, praying that the meds work and your eyesight comes back 100%
Dave and Sherri lost a nephew .  He was killed in action from and IED. May God comfort your soul.
Kelly and Dave lost their young grandson in a fluke accident. My heart breaks for them.  I pray that God gives them strength and wraps his arms around them during this difficult time..

Most important lesson of the week
Your life as you know it can change in an instant.

Until next time..

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