Saturday, July 2, 2011

WEEK 5 of Remodel a House and Don't Divorce or Die Doing it...

20 June 2011 thru 26 June 2011

This week has been tough.  My stress levels have been through the roof because of the work in the back yard.

Monday, I started by creating another Hole. We are moving the doorway from the Family Room to the Bathroom, Laundry and my Office.

Another hole in the wall

I learned to use a reciprocating out.. George was out of the house when I was using it..

We had an Inspection for the Plumbing and the Floor Insulation.
George was still smiling even after the bad news..

It was Dan the Inspector that showed up.  Just as nice as Kenny.  He gave us a green light on the plumbing but the insulation was a no go...WHAT.. It was attached to the joists wrong.  To cut a long story short, I asked George when he began installing about putting it face down.  He FOO, FOO me off. 
Anyway  it was wrong.  All that work on Fathers Day was for nothing.
Time to put on the Monkey suit and get it fixed.

I am going in!!!!

We started to tear out the insulation. 

We went down one side, tore it out.  Ran a a wire frame under the floor joist.  I started to install it back, RIGHT way up while George tore out the other side.  I finished my side and left him working.  I was going to meet an old friend for dinner.


If only he had listened to his wife....

I got showered in cold water because of the Fiber Glass.  It keeps it out of your pores although it didn't help my head.  It was real itchy..
After a stressful day, it was great to relax with a friend.  I went to Post and picked up Kim and her daughter Riley and headed back to Cove.  Kim wanted to see what we had been doing...she was surprised and I think she thinks we are CRAZY.  I have to agree. 
We went over to Applebees where they were having their Monday Night Quiz..
The waiter asked what we wanted to drink.  I was driving and having water, Kim asked for a Margarita.  The waiter asked for her UNICARD..say what ?  I guess if you want to drink alcohol in Cove you have to be registered and carry a card...
Here is Kim filling out the form so she can get a drink...FUNNY

Kim and Rilley

After dinner we drove around Cove and then went looking for Kim's old house..Boy she lived out in the Boonies when she was last here...
Kim thanks for dinner and it was wonderful to see you...miss you travels to Florida

Next Day it was back to the Grind.   I had  to go to Home Depot and pay for our Pergola. 
The Jack Hammering was wearing on my last nerve at home so I figured since I was at Home Depot, I might as well go and do a bit of shopping.  Went to Kohls and Ross's.  A little bit of Retail therapy soothes the soul.

The concrete contractors had been busy working on the Patio demo..  It has taken longer than we were told.  Paul, Santos and Daniel have been working their butts off...If only they had a tractor sooner, it might not have taken so long....

That pile just keeps getting bigger YIKES..

George and I took a trip to Lowes tonight to check out toilets...
I am loving this toilet. It is an American Standard Clean White High Efficiency WaterSense Round 2-Piece Toilet. check out the sides.  So much easier to keep clean...This is what is going in the three Bathrooms..

On Wednesday I got to work sanding the fireplace mantel and kitchen window.  George is at work so we are making slow progress..

When George got home we got ready and went out to The Texas Roadhouse to meet old friends from Hawaii.
We had a great time with the Katers.  They were here for their Son's wedding and are now on their way to Ft. Lewis.  Miss you guys...

Another hole..this is a going to be new sidewalk to the front door..

Eventually Clarence got a tractor to dig out the driveway and help lift the concrete from the patio.

This concrete pile has got to go...SOON

Broken pool pipe

Clarence broke a pool pipe.  he ran over it with the tractor.  They broke the cap off the filter last week.

I cleaned the inside of all the kitchen cabinets and lined them.  They all look so pretty, clean and I miss my household goods.

George got the insulation on the bathrooms floors finished when he came home from work YAY..

On Friday it was time to clean up the area we were living in.  George had Power Tools lying everywhere.

I moved all the supplies to include the cement backer board, ceiling lights/fans, vanity and his new tile saw.  It gave me something to do while waiting on the inspector..
Our insulation passed...Thank you, thank you

We had a social to go to at 6.30 at the club on post.  It was a Western social with all the Ft. Hood Sergeants Major.  I was not wearing a cowboy hat, jeans and boots...maybe in the fall when the weather is cooler.  George was wearing flip flops...A CSM did ask me when I was going to get George cowboy boots...Sorry he's a big boy and not ready to let go of his Aloha attire just yet...

The concrete guys worked today (Saturday) because they are way behind schedule.  They started framing the pool.  The concrete pile in the garden is making me ill.
It was suppose to be already gone.  Clarence has now said it will be Monday before it can be moved..

George worked on getting the family room floor boards down...

I worked on the Blog and receipts then done some more sanding of the unit in the bedroom...even though I wear a mask, goggles and the sander has a vacuum on it, that sawdust gets everywhere....

George made the entrance hole I made on Monday even bigger...
little old hole
Bigger hole, thanks to George

Our friends Sherry and Dave that we knew in Hawaii came over to give us a hand on Sunday. 
Sherry and I tackled cleaning up the trash heap so Perry could come pick it up.  It had got all messed up during the week with the tractors and trailers being in the yard..

Dave and George went to work filling in one of our many holes we have.

They installed the French doors between the family room and my office...

Sherry and I got to work on filling another hole.  The old doorway.  Neither of us had framed before but we made the frame and it went in first time...who says women are not as good as men...GIRLS ROCK!!!!

The guys went to work installing my new back door...

There was no stopping Sherry and I...we removed the last of the nails in the family room headers, swept the floor and then rolled out the tar haw...

I don't think the guys trusted we knew what to do...

Tar paper all down..Bring on the Sub floor..

The four of us brought in the new sub floor and the two guys got it screwed down....

We ran out of wood but there are only a few Small areas that had to be measured and cut to be filled.

What a great day...
Thanks Sherry and Dave for all your help...

George and I went to Lowe's and picked up the new door handles and locks for the new back door and french doors....

What I have learned this week

Expect Delays
The Concrete contractor was always going to do what you asked about tomorrow..
Tomorrow has come and gone....
Expect to have good and bad days
If you know you are right and your spouse disagrees, look up the answer on the Internet!!!!
When working with insulation wear a monkey suit, gloves, goggles and a HAT...
Some days you will feel like you got absolutely knowhere
When the going gets tough, Take a break and walk away for a few hours.
It's great to see old friends, it revives your Soul..
Until next time...


Paula said...

Love the pictures! Believe it or not, you're getting lots done. I know you'll LOVE your house when you get done.
It was so good to see you two. We miss you!! We are finally at Lewis.. will talk to you soon.

the outpost said...

it is coming along slowly
miss you too