Friday, September 10, 2010

Service to Others

It was another great day to be an Army Spouse. The Hui O Wahine had their first luncheon of the season with special guest, Miss Hawaii 2010, Jalee Fuselier.

Miss Hawaii and me
She adorned the podium with a gorgeous Hawaiian dress and of course, her crown. Jalee shared that she had researched the Hui O Wahine and new what  our Club represented. She thanked all the ladies present for their commitment to the Hui Club and what they give back to their community through volunteering. Jalee informed us that the four points on her crown represented, SERVICE, SCHOLARSHIP, STYLE and SUCCESS and a large part of being Miss Hawaii was about service to others.

Miss Hawaii shared that she has drawn her inspiration for volunteering from her sister.
Jalee's sister, who is 7 years older, has cerebral palsy. Her parents were told that she would probably never walk and that she could be deaf.
Today, Jalee's sister walks with the use of crutches and volunteers on a daily basis at a preschool. Miss Hawaii said about her sister "she is not just living, she is thriving." "Her gift is service to others". Jalee told us "we all have abilities and talents to give back to others and we should use our gift".
Miss Hawaii is no stranger to giving back or volunteering. She founded a non profit, Ready for the Real World. " began in 2005 when Jalee Fuselier started a reading and mentoring program for at risk youth in her hometown on the Northshore of Oahu. Since then, she has worked with hundreds of young people getting them involved in serving their communities." you can read the full story at there is also a link on the website to their facebook page.
Miss Hawaii finished her appearance with the Hui by singing 'Feeling Good'. I have only heard Michael Buble' sing this song but she hit it out of the ballpark with her beautiful voice.

Annelle Amaral who is the Native Hawaiian Liaison for the Garrison gave the blessing in Hawaiian before we ate lunch and then briefly educated us on Hawaiian history and her role in bridging the gap between Native Hawaiians and the military.
After we had lunch and listened to our guest speakers, it was time to do the drawing. There were many wonderful opportunity gifts available and as always one group of ladies were extremely lucky and today it was the ladies at Allison Gipson table. Every lady at the table won at least one gift. Allison received The OutPost gift.

Allison and son Adam
The OutPost Opportunity winner
The ladies finished off the afternoon the same way it began..Shopping with the vendors.

Pam after shopping from the OutPost and Sabina
I am definitely blessed and my life is enriched by spending quality time with a wonderful array of Military Spouses who I get to call friends.  It is a Sisterhood like no other. 

 Lunch with Friends
So I will bid you Aloha until next time and as Miss Hawaii said " we all have abilities and talents",
Find yours and give back in some way.
Inspire and be Inspired.  

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